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Dee Gordon suspension: League minimum for the rest of his career?

Some reactions to the Gordon news.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Miami second baseman Dee Gordon was suspended 80 games for PED use early Friday morning and it didn't take long for both national news outlets and current players to react.

Some want to see a salary reduction. Some want the "three strike rule" changed. Seemingly everyone had something to say.

SB Nation's Grant Brisbee thinks Gordon has ruined things for future players:

Dee Gordon is dirty. Your favorite player probably isn't, but he might be! You can understand the motivation for doing it, even if you wouldn't do it, too. Except you might. But you might not. Unless that pile of millions over there isn't that tempting. Under the pile is fame and eternal glory. Don't answer now.

Justin Verlander wants anyone who tests positive banned from every returning:

Jake Diekman calls for a salary reduction:

Does the suspension have an even deeper meaning?

We were all shocked, too:

Terry Collins apparently had something to say:

Harsher penalties are probably a good idea:

From no chance to reality relatively quickly:

Tommy Hutton is still watching the Marlins and was also surprised:

Did the Dodgers win the deal after all?

And this is one way to look at it: