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Marlins' Don Mattingly on Barry Bonds as a coach: 'It is a work in progress'

Mattingly's response was surprising.

Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports

When the Marlins hired Barry Bonds to serve as their hitting coach, they appeared to be confident he would have success in the role.

It might be too soon to determine whether or not Bonds has had an effect on Marlins hitters. But Don Mattingly's early opinion, according to Barry Jackson of The Miami Herald, is quite clear:

“Him getting used to the coaching part of it is a work in progress from a standpoint of the amount of time and the preparation," Mattingly said. "You see [assistant hitting coach Frankie [Menichino] still doing a lot of the prep work. Barry is still getting into the routine of the ugly side of coaching — being here at 1, and studying video, and studying on the plane and you don't get a chance to watch movies, and things like that.

“"It just depends how good you want to be as a coach. If you want to be a really good coach, you've got to do the work."

The Marlins are not even a month into the season, but it seems like Mattingly is under the impression Frank Menechino is doing a lot of the work.

Will that change? Time will tell.