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Friday Fish Fry: The Season Approaches

Q&A with your friendly neighborhood Fish Stripers!

I'm excited too, José. Hold me?
I'm excited too, José. Hold me?
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

By the time the next Friday Fish Fry will have rolled around, baseball will have begun. Accordingly, we're mulling over some programming changes during the season. There will be a game thread on most fridays, after all, and we want game threads to be as lively as possible. So the Friday Fish Fry may become the "Off-Day Fish Fry," at least during the season. Or not. We're not sure yet. Don't you just love ambiguity? Stay tuned.


Last week's Fish Fry



What is your favorite Marlins uniform of all time?


Billy's solid debut article gave us a chance to throw out some predictions about the Marlins...what about the rest of baseball? Who do you see coming out of the other divisions? Wild cards? Eventual champs? Warning: This may or may not be bookmarked.


Your favorite travel destination in the United States of America and why.