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Friday Fish Fry: Inaugural edition

Answer me these questions three!

David Silverman/Getty Images

We are starting a new interactive feature leading into the weekends here at Fish Stripes: The Friday Fish Fry.

A "fish fry," if you're somehow unfamiliar with the term, is a semi-large event where people come together and eat copious amounts of seafood. They are apparently very common in the midwest and northeast on Fridays, according to Wikipedia (which, as we all know, is always right). There will not be food served at our gatherings, however, since we're all sitting by ourselves at our respective computers, tablets, or phones and to facilitate fresh seafood delivery to everyone would require both logistics beyond our control and magic. Sorry to dissapoint.

What we can offer, however, is relevant Marlins related conversation to carry us over the weekend. Or non-Marlins related; there are, after all, three questions and at least one of them will have nothing to do with the Marlins. You can leave a brief answer for all three or a heavily detailed answer for one, whatever combination makes you happy. What will make us happy is participation, regardless of how short or long the answer.

This is probably as good a time as any to reiterate that we have a no religion/politics rule here, so don't expect any queries of that nature.

Onto the questions!

1. Marlins

Who is your favorite Miami Marlins player? Tell us why.

2. Baseball

MLB instituted a couple of new rules last week for the 2016 season. In short, the first is an attempt to curb malicious injuries that occur from late slides and the second limits mound visits by coaches to 30 seconds a piece, monitored by an in-stadium timer. Opinions on either of these rules? Good? Bad?....will they help?

3. General

Your favorite movie of all time, bar none.

Have at it!