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Derek Dietrich is out of options, which is likely enough for him to make the roster

Dietrich has struggled this spring, but it doesn't appear to matter much.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Derek Dietrich is in the Brad Hand club.

The last few seasons, it appears Hand has made the roster because he is out of options, and the Marlins would risk exposing him to other clubs if they optioned him to Triple-A.

Dietrich, too, is out of options, according to Barry Jackson of The Miami Herald.

Miami might decide to part ways with Hand and have Mike Dunn and Craig Breslow open the season as Manager Don Mattingy's left-handed options in the bullpen.

But Dietrich appears to be in a good position to earn a roster spot despite going 3-for-27 with 11 strikeouts this spring.

When the Marlins acquired Dietrich from Tampa Bay, it appeared they expected he would be their starting second baseman in a matter of time. However, he initially struggled defensively and lost starting time as a result.

Miami now has Dee Gordon at second and Martin Prado at third base, leaving nowhere for Dietrich to start. It might be best for him to open the season on the bench, though it could be challenging for a young player to receive minimal playing time and produce consistently when called upon.

Dietrich, 26, had some success last season, batting .256/.346/.456 to complement 10 home runs and 24 RBIs. It's clear he can provide a fair amount of power from the left side of the plate but still has to prove he can do so on a regular basis.

He struck out in 22.5 percent of his at-bats least season, which is a number to watch as he comes off the bench in 2016.

While he posses a power bat, Dietrich is notably valuable because he can play several positions. Miami has used him at second and third base, and Dietrich can likely also play either of the corner outfield spots.

Early this spring, the Marlins had Dietrich working at first base. However, he is unlikely to receive much playing time there because Justin Bour is also a left-handed hitter.

Dietrich almost certainly not make the roster based on his spring numbers. But he is out of options, and the Marlins likely don't want to risk losing him.