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Friday Fish Fry: Championships, MLB Expansion, Favorite Game

Where we ask questions and answer them sometimes too.

Yes, this was a long time ago now. Still counts.
Yes, this was a long time ago now. Still counts.
Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

Welcome to another Fish Fry. Put on that bib you snagged the last time you were at La Camaronera and let's dig in!


Last week's Fish Fry


1. Marlins:

Which championship did you enjoy more? 1997 or 2003? If both were before your time, tell us about your favorite championship, in any sport. If you've never celebrated a championship, tell us how sad you are.

2. Baseball:

Pretend you're Rob Manfred for a second. You've been given permission by owners across the board to expand Major League Baseball into TWO new cities. Where are these new teams playing? What are their names/colors?

3. Favorites:

If you have a favorite video game/computer game/board game/card game of all time, what is it? Why is it your favorite?