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Friday Fish Fry: All-Time Marlins, Marlins Park, Favorite TV Show

Back atcha with another three questions.

That seems like it would not be easy.
That seems like it would not be easy.
Steve Mitchell/Getty Images

We bring you yet another Friday Fish Fry, this time on Friday!


Last week's Fish Fry.


1. Marlins

Who is your least favorite player ever to have donned a Marlins uniform and why? Yes, I'm asking you to be a player hater.

2. Marlins Park

What is the best single food item Marlins Park has to offer? Where do you get it? If you don't have one singular favorite food item, what's the best restaurant/food stand? Yes, I realize that is multiple questions, just answer them!

3. TV Shows

What is your favorite TV Show of all time?

Please enjoy responsibly.