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Friday Fish Fry: Marlins World Series, Most Hated Team, Favorite Musical Act

Answer me these questions which often have sub-questions so are technically not just three!

This couldn't happen in 2016...right?!
This couldn't happen in 2016...right?!
Al Bello/Getty Images

Editor's note: We forgot to publish our new Friday Fish Fry on Friday! Whoops! Here it is for your answering pleasure. Sorry! -MJ

Welcome back friends to another edition of the Friday Fish Fry! If you're confused as to what this is, please see last week's inaugural edition, which was a rousing success.

In a nutshell, we pose three questions and you answer them, and we converse thenceforth. Simple, straightforward, and to the point. It's the Marlins way...or it could be. I don't know. Use your imagination.

This thread will be up all weekend, so if you can't answer on Friday, come back by on Saturday or Sunday and catch up.

Onto the questions!

1. Marlins

Flash forward to October, 2016: The Marlins just won the World Series (yes, really). Tell me why. What absolutely needs to happen, or did happen in this hypothetical scenario, to give the Fish a third championship?

2. Baseball

What is the team in baseball that you despise the most?

3. General

Your favorite musical act of all time.