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Miami Marlins' relationship with Scott Boras could prevent Kyle Lohse deal

The Marlins and Boras are not thought to have the best relationship.

Mike McGinnis/Getty Images

Miami might not have the best relationship with Scott Boras and that might never change.

The Marlins were able to work with Boras to sign free agent lefty Wei-Yin Chen earlier this off-season. Will they be able to work with Boras to add another starter?

Since formally announcing the signing of Chen, the Marlins have expressed interest in adding another veteran starter to their rotation. Kyle Lohse has been consistently mentioned, but like Chen, Lohse is a Boras client.

A Chen deal came together relatively quickly, and as a result, if the Marlins truly want to add Lohse to their rotation, they would likely be able to reach an agreement. But it might come at a cost.

Chen, who Boras referred to as the Orioles' top starting pitcher last season during Chen's introductory press conference in Miami, received a five-year, $80 million deal. Lohse struggled with Milwaukee last season. But there is still a chance he receives a notable major league contract.

Lohse, 37, might not be in a position to receive a deal over a span of more than two seasons and even that could be considered extensive. Over 152.1 innings last season, Lohse pitched to a 5.85 ERA and 5.12 FIP.

Boras is known for encouraging his clients to wait throughout the winter until an extensive deal is offered. That has yet to happen for Lohse, but it could be coming soon.

Miami, according to's Joe Frisaro, does not want to have a payroll much over $75 million heading into 2016. As a result, the club has been seeking what it has considered inexpensive starting options. Alfredo Simon, Lohse and Tim Lincecum are all possibilities.

Ideally, the Marlins might be able to land a starter with major league experience on a minor league contract with an invite to Spring Training. Washington did just that by signing Bronson Arroyo, though he did not pitch last season.

It is unlikely Lohse takes a minor league deal unless he does not receive a major league offer. If that's the case, multiple teams could be interested.

The Marlins' relationship with Boras is seemingly improving. However, adding Lohse this off-season likely remains a long shot.