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2016 Miami Marlins Season Preview: Introduction

The Miami Marlins are looking to embark on an interesting 2016 season. Here at Fish Stripes, we will preview all of it for you and cover everything Marlins before the year starts!

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The Miami Marlins are embarking on an interesting 2016 season. The team plans on contending, it wants to be a player in the National League Wild Card race, but it also expects its core roster to take it there with little improvements made in the offseason. It just signed the biggest contract for a pitcher in team history, but it is also balking on having to sign an even larger eventual contract for its ace. It has another season of Giancarlo Stanton in hopefully healthy and peak form, but it also is hoping for more production from its two other talented young outfielders. It has a new coaching staff with a veteran manager in Don Mattingly and a brand new and controversial hitting coach in Barry Bonds.

There is a lot to unpack heading into the 2016 season, and the Marlins are going to be an interesting team to watch with all sorts of different potential directions it could take. It proved in 2014 and 2015 that you can never truly predict which way the Marlins will go, but that does not mean we here at Fish Stripes will not try our darndest. For the fifth year in a row, we will once again do our Miami Marlins Season Preview, this time the 2016 edition! Here's what you can expect for the 2016 year!

- Important numbers preview for both hitters and pitchers
- Detailed player previews and projections for the expected 25-man roster
- Selected prospect profiles for the upcoming 2016 campaign
- Profiles of Spring Training battles leading up to Opening Day
- A schedule for ST games and possible TV broadcasts
- An overall projection for the Marlins in 2016
- Bold predictions for the team's 2016 season
- An introduction for new readers to the Fish Stripes community and a discussion of what to expect on the site in 2016

If there is anything you guys want to see for the Spring Training and preview season, let us know in the comments! Welcome to 2016 Miami Marlins baseball!