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Miami Marlins morning news: Aroldis Chapman, Kenley Jansen chase continues

While one of the big three closers, Mark Melancon, may have signed with the Giants, but Miami is still very much in the running for the other two. Plus links on A.J. Ellis and Christian Yelich.

NLCS - Chicago Cubs v Los Angeles Dodgers - Game Three Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Marlins News

As the free agent market is not awash with high-end starting pitchers this winter, the Marlins have decided that an elite bullpen is the way to go, and they are in hot pursuit of the biggest two names left on the market, Aroldis Chapman and Kenley Jansen.

This interest in the best bullpen arms in baseball comes off the back of the third consecutive season where the Marlins improved in the standings, and felt that a few additional pieces could have possibly propelled them into the playoffs.

While not headline news yesterday (the headline of the article is probably more noteworthy), Miami is reportedly interested in veteran A.J. Ellis after losing backup catcher Jeff Mathis to the Diamondbacks via free agency. Like Mathis, Ellis excelled defensively and struggled offensively in 2016.

After another stellar season in 2016, Christian Yelich has been awarded the honor of representing Team USA in the World Baseball Classic, and will don the red, white, and blue at Marlins Park in early March.

The Marlins are about to enter a bidding war with some of the league’s richest teams, which is probably not what you expected to read just a few short weeks ago.

Around the League

The stating pitching market was thin to begin with, and it just got a lot thinner as Rich Hill has re-signed with the Dodgers for $48 million.

Bryce Harper looks set to overtake Giancarlo Stanton and become the most expensive player in baseball, but not yet according to his agent.

2016 MLB home run leader Mark Trumbo is reportedly looking to sign a deal worth $75 million.

As mentioned earlier, Mark Melancon has signed with the Giants. The four-year, $62 million deal contains an opt-out clause after the second year.

The Red Sox have picked up manager John Farrell’s 2018 option after the team won the AL East this past season.

In the closer feeding-frenzy which is taking over baseball, a free agent star by the name of Edwin Encarnacion has almost been forgotten.