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NL West Notes: Padres' Norris traded, D-Backs change it up behind the plate

Here's what's happening around the National League West.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

When A.J. Preller began his tenure as Padres general manager in 2014, he sent shock waves through the club with a flurry of moves that seemed to bring in a plethora of young talent that, if given a couple years, could pay serious dividends for a club stuck in a downward shift.

Two years later, those moves seem to have been all for naught.

Catcher Derek Norris was traded to the Washington Nationals in exchange for pitcher Pedro Avila, who pitched for Double-A Hagerstown in 2016. Norris was one of the guys brought in by Preller back in '14, but now that he's packing, most of Prellerpalooza is history.

Here's what else is happening around the National League West:

The Diamondbacks have begun making changes at catcher.

Remember Bob Tewksbury? The Giants added him to their coaching staff this week, but it's not a position very many people know about.

Louis Coleman is on the market after being non-tendered by L.A.

The Rockies have dodged a bullet with one of their most valued relievers.

Former Padre Jon Jay is chasing the champs.

It's a pretty well-known fact that Dexter Fowler is a free agent. Could he end up in Arizona?

What's Barry Zito up to these days? Hint: it's pretty cool.