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How Twitter reacted to the Marlins signings

You can always count on Twitter for the best takes.

Colorado Rockies v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The Marlins made a big splash in the bullpen this week, signing right-hander Junichi Tazawa to a two-year, $12 million deal on Thursday and then followed that up by signing right-hander Brad Ziegler to a two-year, $16 million deal on Friday.

As usual, people of the world took to Twitter to react to the Marlins’ free agent acquisitions.

The best reaction came from Ziegler himself, who, like many, is looking forward to the weather in Miami. By the way, Ziegler has a great Twitter account, so give him a follow.

Then MLB’s Cut4 graced us with the nasty changeup that comes from Ziegler’s sidewinding delivery.

As you can see, that changeup was down in the zone, which is where’s Joe Frisaro shows us Ziegler likes to live.

And as Eno Sarris tells us, with Tazawa and Ziegler, the Marlins bullpen is place where you don’t want to see a changeup as an opposing hitter.

Yeah, we know they aren’t big-time closers, but they will work out fine.

The Snake Pit is going to miss those double plays, but the Marlins will gladly take them.

As for Tazawa, a writer for SB Nation’s Over the Monster thinks the Marlins got him for a good price.

Now, Frisaro thinks the Marlins may not be done in free agency.