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NL West Notes: D-Backs deal Segura, Giants long for Sandoval

Here's what's happening around the National League West.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

For much of the 2016 season, the Arizona Diamondbacks largely stayed out of the NL West news cycle. Once the offseason hit, however, Arizona hit the front page, and the top story this week was the dealing of perhaps their biggest bright spot.

Jean Segura was traded to the Seattle Mariners this past week in exchange for pitcher Taijuan Walker. Considered one of the strongest producers in the National League, Segura led the NL with 203 hits and carried a .319 batting average through 153 games this season. In return, the Diamondbacks get Walker, who is 22-22 in his four-year career as a starting pitcher.

Here's what else is happening around the National League West:

He might be in Boston now, but apparently the Giants haven't forgotten about Pablo Sandoval.

The Cubs have shown interest in a hot Colorado bat.

Alex Guerrero is headed across the Pacific to hone his baseball craft.

The Padres unveiled their 2017 uniform collection this week, and the results were a little underwhelming.

Mark Melancon could be a good fit for the Giants.

The Rockies are hoping to extend the contract of Carlos Gonzalez, and fortunately for Colorado, the feeling is mutual.

Learn more about Taijuan Walker, the man who will take the roster spot of Jean Segura in Arizona.