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Marlins Morning News: Marlins will need to get creative in free agency

World Series coverage, DH debate, the Marlins pursuit of pitching and more.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Around the League:

The Cubs picked up a decisive victory in their final home game of the World Series to narrow the series deficit to 3-2. The final two games of the series will be in Cleveland.

The storyline of this years World Series has made for impressive television ratings for the MLB. The MLB usually competes with the NFL during the postseason but this year the MLB is dominating the ratings.

The Kyle Schwarber situation for the Cubs has re-ignited the DH debate. Commissioner Rob Manfred put the talks to bed, at least for the time being.

Miami Marlins:

The Cubs and Indians have not won a World Series in over a combined 160 years, partly due to the Marlins who defeated both in playoff series'.

Marlins outfielder, Christian Yelich has once again been named a finalist for a gold-glove award. The left fielder could make the move the center depending on what the Marlins decide to do with Marcell Ozuna this offseason.

A weak free agent market and a poor farm system will force the Marlins to have to become creative in their pursuit for starting pitching this offseason.