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Christian Yelich named Gold Glove Finalist

The Marlins’ outfielder is being recognized as one of the better defenders in baseball.

San Diego Padres v Miami Marlins Photo by Rob Foldy/Getty Images

Marlins outfielder Christian Yelich has been named a finalist for the Gold Glove Award among National League left fielders, according to Rawlings on Twitter. The other two candidates for the award are Adam Duvall of the Cincinnati Reds and Starling Marte of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

The Marlins account tweeted it out too, and its post was a lot better to look at.

Yelich obviously had a great season offensively, with an on-base percentage of .376 and an OPS of .859, but he was solid on the defensive side as well. Yelich had an ultimate zone rating (UZR) of 1.7, which roughly shows that he saved 1.7 runs for the Marlins this season, and a revised zone rating (RZR) of .912, which shows that Yelich recorded outs on over 91 percent of balls hit into his zone.

Yelich’s advanced stats in the field were good overall, but they did not rank among the very best left fielders in the NL. Among NL players who logged at least 600 innings in left field this season, Yelich ranked seventh in RZR (Duvall was first and Marte was ninth) and sixth in UZR (Duvall was first and Marte was second).

Among other advanced stats like range runs (RngR), which shows how many more balls a player gets to than a league-average fielder, and outfield arm runs (ARM), which shows how many more runs a player saves with his arm than a league-average fielder, Yelich was not at the top. He had an RngR of -1.3, which put him below league average (Duvall was first and Marte was third), and an ARM of 2.5 (Duvall was second and Marte was first).

Yelich did only make three errors on the season while Duvall led all qualified left fielders with eight and Marte committed four, but Duvall had 204 balls hit into his zone this season while Yelich only had 148, so Duvall would naturally end up with more errors.

Most of Yelich’s stats show that he is a good defender in left field, but the stats don’t quite back up a possible Gold Glove Award.