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Marlins considering analyst change

Miami might only feature two analysts next season.

Miami’s front office executives will meet next month to determine whether to keep all four of its analysts or only use two, according to Barry Jackson of The Miami Herald.

The Marlins haven’t decided whether to stick with four TV analysts again next season or settle on one or two. There will be discussions next month.

The Marlins made the decision to part ways with longtime color analyst Tommy Hutton last winter, and as a result, Miami used several different personalities alongside play-by-play announcer Rich Waltz.

Though the use of more than two analysts results in some variation of inconsistencies, each adds a distinct perspective. Al Leiter, Preston Wilson and Eduardo Perez all appeared on FOX Sports Florida this season.

Leiter continued calling Yankees games but added insight when he was alongside Waltz. It might be easiest for the Marlins to have only two analysts given the fact Leiter has other responsibilities.

Wilson and Perez both add valuable insight with different approaches. Perez, who also works with ESPN, is more analytical, while Wilson adopts a more conversational style while evaluating situations and decisions.

Marlins broadcasts might not be the same without Hutton, but perspectives might be limited if the club switches to two analysts next season.