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Heat, Panthers honor Jose Fernandez

Nobody is forgetting.

MLB: Miami Marlins at Washington Nationals Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Miami Marlins baseball season might be over, but nobody is forgetting about Jose Fernandez.

On Tuesday, the Miami Heat wore special shirts honoring Fernandez. Fernandez’s initials were printed on the back, and his number is circled and bolded:

Some Marlins players have attended Heat games in the past, and Tuesday, second baseman Dee Gordon decided to make an appearance. He wore his Fernandez shirt for the outing:

The Heat have proven to be more classy organizations in professional sports, and their desire to support Fernandez and the Marlins further proves that point.

The Heat weren’t alone, though. Tonight, the Florida Panthers are set to honor Fernandez:

Fernandez passed away in a boating accident before the end of the season. Throughout the league, teams honored Miami’s All-Star starting pitcher by hanging his jersey in their respective dugouts and holding a moment of silence before the start of games.

The Miami Dolphins had a game scheduled on the day Fernandez passed away and held a moment of silence before it started.