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Marlins Morning News: Hill willing to trade core players

Ichiro Suzuki is returning to the Marlins for another season, the Marlins clean house, and more.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Marlins News:

In the Marlins’ season-ending press conference, GM Mike Hill revealed that the team would be willing to part with a core player in order to acquire starting pitching. Due to Marcell Ozuna’s reluctance to sign an extension with the Fish, he could be the most shopped name this winter.

The Marlins cleaned house this past week firing hitting coach Barry Bonds, third base coach Lenny Harris and bullpen coach Reid Cornelius. Barry Bond’s lack of commitment to the team became an issue for Don Mattingly, who reportedly threatened to quit if Bonds was not let go.

The Marlins picked up Ichiro Suzuki’s option this past week and officially announced the extension of Martin Prado. David Samson believes Ichiro is very serious about playing until he is 50, "Ichiro told me that he would like to play until he is 50 and I think he probably will," Samson said in the team’s most recent press conference.

Around the League:

Weather has been a major obstacle for the MLB so far this postseason. For the second straight day, the league was forced to postpone a playoff game. Boston’s home match up versus the Cleveland Indians was postponed due to rain.

The MLB Postseason has not disappointed so far, but two series have been shockingly one sided in the AL. The Rangers and Red Sox were both swept in three games.

With Boston's elimination, the career of Red Sox great David Ortiz is officially over.