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Fish Stripes' most popular posts of 2015

Here is what most people were interested in last year.

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Now that 2016 is officially underway, it is time to reflect on what most Marlins and baseball fans felt was interesting in 2015. Below are eight of Fish Stripes' most popular posts in 2015.

Did you particularly enjoy something that did not make the list? Tell us about it in the comments below!

8. Mattingly may help Marlins' pursuit of Zack Greinke: October 29, 2015

When the Marlins hired Don Mattingly to serve as their next manager, it appeared there might have been a chance the former Dodgers manager would help the Marlins land one of the best available free agent pitchers.

Greinke opted out of his contract with Los Angeles and the situation was realistic since the Marlins are searching for starting pitching depth this off-season.

After considering his offers, Greinke decided to sign with the Diamondbacks, who notably missed out on Johnny Cueto. It was possible, but his former manager was unable to lure Greinke to Miami after all.

7. Miami Marlins could consider Zack Greinke: October 19, 2015

Greinke was drawing a notable amount of interest from several clubs, and the Marlins were reportedly involved at one point.

Although the Marlins made it clear big names like Cueto or David Price would not be realistic, the type of deal Greinke was seeking was not evident until around the time he signed with Arizona.

The Marlins were in on Greinke and their interest was significant. However, a deal was never able to get done.

6. Marlins could consider 2-year deal for James Shields: February 2, 2015

Last off-season was much like the current one for the Marlins. The organization was hoping to add starting pitching and was considering every available option.

Shields was one of the bigger free agent starters available, but he did not sign at the Winter Meetings. The Marlins were linked to Shields at one point, with the thought being he could accept a short-term deal before demanding an extensive contract.

Miami missed out on Shields, but for a short time it appeared the club might be able to land the veteran right-hander.

5. The truth about the 2012 Marlins-Blue Jays trade, once and for all: January 1, 2015

The fanpost was written in response to a tweet suggesting the unpopular fire sale deal with the Blue Jays might work out well for the Marlins. Reader Jay Ramos was tired of hearing the Marlins knew it would be a good deal when the deal was made.

I'm not opposed to some old fashioned rebuilding, but let's stop believing this was that. 2012 was about shedding cash, more cash, and a little more cash, and stories about clubhouse culture, and results that were actually not bad at the time of the first deals, striking some luck with Henderson Alvarez and unbased fantasies about what Adeiny Hechavarria is doesn't change that.

Let's put this trade in the past the right way. With perspective.

Happy New Year.

4. Yankees might be interested in Martin Prado: August 6, 2015

Miami's third baseman was reportedly drawing a notable amount of interest even after the non-waiver trade deadline, but the Marlins decided to keep him on the roster.

A deal with the Yankees was possible because the organization was also linked to Carter Capps. But a trade never got done, and the Marlins have a third baseman heading into 2016.

3. Jose Fernandez discussions with Dodgers ongoing: December 22, 2015

The Marlins' ace has been mentioned in trade rumors since November, when multiple reports indicated it was unlikely he would be in a Marlins uniform next season.

Several clubs were interested during the Winter Meetings, and despite the Marlins' notably high asking price, conversations with the Dodgers have continued.

It is still unlikely Fernandez gets moved, but if he is traded, the Dodgers likely have the pieces to get a deal done.

2. Giants interested in Michael Morse: July 10, 2015

Morse struggled after signing a multi-year deal to play first base for the Marlins. The organization appeared to want to give Justin Bour consistent playing time and the only way to justify doing so likely was to move Morse.

Morse was ultimately flipped to the Dodgers in a pre-deadline deal, but the Giants reportedly seriously considered trading for their former infielder who thrived in 2014.

1. Dodgers might have enough to land Fernandez: December 17, 2015

Yes, the Dodgers have interest in Fernandez. And yes, if the Marlins, now or later, decide to move him, the Dodgers almost certainly have the pieces necessary to get a deal done.

Happy New Year from Fish Stripes!