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Miami Marlins players 'expressing displeasure' in clubhouse

Several Marlins have been bothered about the front office and are talking about "privately."

Miami released Jeff Baker after he was reportedly spreading an anti-front office message and he might not be the only one to do so. The Marlins have struggled throughout the course of the season, and according to Barry Jackson of The Miami Herald, several players have been privately "expressing displeasure" with the organization.

Jackson notes several players believe the team is still "prioritizing saving money over winning" and are questioning Dan Jennings' in-game decisions. Similarly, the Marlins continue to be bothered by the fact the club moved veterans for Single-A prospects before the trade deadline, although their moves might be justified given their record and the impending free agent status of most of the traded players.

When the Marlins opted to send Marcell Ozuna to Triple-A, their initial thought could have been recalling him once he begins to have success offensively. But once it took a few weeks for Ozuna to begin producing consistently, the service time likely became a factor. The Marlins have been known to be aiming to save money however possible in the past, but the organization did make a handful of moves to add veterans (who were not relatively cheap) to their roster last offseason.

While it has not been discussed much since Jennings was first placed in the dugout, issues with his decision making is nothing new. Miami's clubhouse was reportedly bothered by the move because of Jennings' lack of managerial experience and although he continues to be respected his in-game strategy might not be. Jennings has been open about his mistakes and has noted it is a learning curve but the player's opinions of his decisions likely have a lot to do with the club's desire to hire an experienced manager.

In addition to the private comments, Jackson adds one player said he wants Jeffrey Loria to sell the team while another "used obscenities within earshots of reporters," which the front office was aware of.

The Marlins, as a result of injuries and inconsistencies, have not played well in 2015. As a result, some of the clubhouse negativity might be expected. But the organization takes situations like these seriously and the players making anti-front office comments or spreading negativity might not be in the clubhouse next season.