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Miami Marlins are likely to 'overpay' for Dusty Baker

FOX Sports' Ken Rosenthal believes the situation could be ideal for Baker financially.

Miami is expected to conduct an extensive managerial search at the end of the season, but the club appears to have a head start. The Marlins have reportedly already interviewed Manny Acta and spoken with Dusty Baker.

According to FOX Sports' Ken Rosenthal, Baker should consider managing the Marlins because there is a good chance they will overpay him.

Although the Marlins did not sign current Manager Dan Jennings to manage the team, several of their previous managers and front office executives have been on the payroll for extended periods of time after they were dismissed or left the organization. Former Manager Ozzie Guillen and front office executive Larry Beinfest will both come off of Miami's payroll at the end of the season. Mike Redmond, who was extended at the end of last season, will not.

The fact the Marlins simply have a tendency to overpay will likely not be enough of a reason for any manager to consider taking the job. Baker is reportedly interesting in managing again and getting involved within the league. If he would like to manage for at least another few seasons, it is unlikely he takes the Marlins job, if it is offered to him, knowing it might not be a long-term position. Miami has not proven to have a notable amount of patience with its managers in the past. If the Marlins were to struggle under Baker, he could become a scapegoat.

For Baker, taking the job knowing he could be released after one season puts him in an odd position. Instead of having job security and stability, there is a chance he is looking for a new job after one season. Since he is trying to make a come back after the Reds opted to move on, the Marlins job might not be ideal.

While there is a chance Baker receives a notable amount of money for only managing for one or two seasons, Miami's roster should also make the club attractive to him. The Marlins' core is built around Jose Fernandez and Giancarlo Stanton, and the Marlins are expected to pursue starting pitching this winter. Miami was plagued by injuries throughout 2015 but was considered one of the favorites to win a National League Wild Card spot before the start of the season.

Baker will likely be among the finalists for the job. However, the fact that he could be overpaid should not be enough to encourage him to become the next Marlins manager in 2016.