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David Stearns hiring could encourage Marlins to promote Mike Berger

Dan Jennings might be looking for a new job at the end of the season. The Stearns hiring does not work in his favor.

Milwaukee named David Stearns their new general manager. The Brewers do not play within the National League East and only make the trip to Miami once a year. But their hiring might have a greater impact on the Marlins than any game that has previously been played.

Before he was even linked to any general manager vacancies, Stearns worked as the assistant general manager in Houston. He was in charge of evaluating players within the organization and those that play for others. Stearns was also in charge of negotiating contracts, and even though he will become the youngest general manager in the game, he is also part of a new trend.

Marlins executive Mike Berger is not necessarily a part of such a trend. But as a result of Stearns being named Milwaukee's new GM, Berger could receive the same opportunity with the Marlins.

Berger currently holds the same title, assistant GM. But since Dan Jennings moved into the dugout to manage the Marlins, Berger reportedly become close with owner Jeffrey Loria. Loria has always had a say in personnel decisions and that likely will not change. Jennings had a good relationship with Loria but could be blamed for the Marlins' struggles since he took over.

The Marlins reportedly met to discuss Jennings' future, however details discussed during the meeting have not yet been revealed. The industry expectation is Jennings will have an opportunity to return to Miami's front office. But if he opts to do so, Jennings might not have as much power as he once did. Berger could be making the key decisions anyway.

Since Milwaukee went ahead and hired Stearns, if the Marlins decided to name Berger their next GM, it is unlikely many questions would follow. Jennings could also pursue other opportunities and has been linked to the Seattle opening for the last few weeks.

At the end of the year, the Marlins have multiple decisions to make with regard to the roster. They also have to find a new manager. Regardless of Jennings' decision, Berger will likely be heavily involved next season. The Stearns hiring should make it easier for the Marlins to promote him moving forward.