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Marlins will ask Dan Jennings to step down as manager, return to GM role

The Marlins will reportedly ask Dan Jennings to step down as manager at the conclusion of this season and return to his role as general manager in 2016.

After the Marlins fired Mike Redmond in the middle of May, the club surprisingly opted to have General Manager Dan Jennings take over the manager position. Since that move it has been unclear whether Jennings would stick in that role past this season or return to the front office. According to Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports, the Marlins have decided that they want to bring in another manager for 2016.

Since DJ has taken over as manager, the Marlins have gone 38-57. Jennings had talked in the past about how he was enjoying managing, but up until this report there was no indication whether he would stay in the manager role in 2016. Rosenthal did not mention specific names as possible replacements, but he did report that the club wanted an experienced manager. Jennings had no real prior experience as a manager, which was most likely a major deciding factor in their decision.

Earlier in the season, the Marlins were rumored to want a stronger voice in the clubhouse and that could still hold true. Around the time of Redmond's dismissal as manager a number of names were linked to the Marlins as possible replacements, ranging from Dusty Baker to Wally Backman.

An interesting part of the report is that it does involve some moving parts. Rosenthal noted that the Marlins will ask Jennings to step, as this situation is still very fluid. Jennings might want to keep managing and/or not want to return to the Marlins front office. He had been previously linked to the vacant 2016 Seattle Mariners general manager position, which is an alternative route for DJ to go.

At least for now, the only thing certain is that the Marlins will have yet another new manager in 2016.