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Miami Marlins 'expect' Dan Jennings will return as GM

Jennings reportedly been offered the option of returning to Miami's front office but has yet to determine if he will accept it.

Dan Jennings has been reportedly been told he has the opportunity to return to the Marlins' front office but has yet to determine if he would like to do so, according to Barry Jackson of The Miami Herald.

Although there was no word of what transpired during last week's meeting during which the future of the organization's front office, roster and coaching staff was discussed, the expectation was the Marlins would ask Jennings to once again serve as the club's general manager. CBS Sports' Jon Heyman initially reported the Marlins were planning to ask Jennings to transition back last week.

While the fact that the Marlins want him to return has not changed, the expectation that he will accept the general manager job once again is notable. Jackson writes "the Marlins expect he will return to the GM position unless an enticing job with final personnel authority is offered to him elsewhere." Jennings has been linked to the Mariners' GM job over the last few weeks since he has experience within the Seattle organization.

If Jennings does decide to once again become the GM, it might not be a notably smooth transition back to the front office. Assistant GM Mike Berger has taken Jennings' place since he moved into the dugout and Berger and director of professional scouting Jeff McAvoy reportedly have Owner Jeffrey Loria's ear. Before the move, Jennings was thought to have a good relationship with Loria but might now be blamed for the organization's struggles.

Miami also opted to hire Marc DelPiano to oversee minor league operations and that is unlikely to be the last front office move the Marlins make.

Jackson also notes Miami's GM is second in line behind President of Baseball Operations Michael Hill when it comes to personnel decisions and that Loria tends to have a significant say. If Jennings is disturbed by the Marlins' front office hierarchy, he could opt not to return, regardless of whether or not he has another job opportunity available to him.

Since the Marlins have struggled, the club is expected to undergo consistent changes before the start of 2016. Although Jennings would have been open to remaining the team's manager, the Marlins are seeking an experienced candidate with extensive managerial experience.

The Marlins could have a new GM heading into the offseason. Whether that happens or not appears to depend on Jennings' choice.