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Miami Marlins trade rumors: Latos, Morse deal 'could fall apart'

The deal is not yet complete.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Update -- Atlanta is the third team in the Marlins/Dodgers deal involving Michael Morse and Mat Latos, according to FOX Sports' Ken Rosenthal.

Update -- The trade is yet to be official because of medicals, according to Gordon Wittenmyer.

Update -- The deal that was expected to send Mat Latos and Michael Morse to the Dodgers "could fall apart," according to Clark Spencer of The Miami Herald.

MIAMI -- Mat Latos and Michael Morse have been dealt to the Dodgers. But the deal is yet to be made official.

Gordon Wittenmyer of The Chicago Sun-Times was among the first to report the Marlins were prepared to send Latos, Morse, and a competitive balance pick to the Dodgers. However, as of Wednesday afternoon, no deal has been made, according to Marlins Manager Dan Jennings.

"I've read and heard the same things you guys have but I have not heard anything official," Jennings said. "Until we get something official, right now it's just a lot of talk. I am waiting to hear from [President of Baseball Operations] Michael Hill to see if something has been finalized."

Although a deal might not be close, neither Morse nor Latos was stretching with the team prior to Wednesday night's contest against the Nationals. The expectation is the Dodgers are waiting to flip Morse before the deal becomes official.'s Joe Frisaro was among the first to note Jeff Brigham is likely heading to Miami in the deal.

"It's not my department anymore," Jennings said. "I just wait for the phone call now. I do see two people missing. They are probably in a holding pattern pending."