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Fangraphs Trade Value Rankings: Three Miami Marlins in top 50

Christian Yelich, Giancarlo Stanton, and Jose Fernandez were all listed.

Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

Giancarlo Stanton, Christian Yelich, and Jose Fernandez are all part of the Marlins' core. Miami is not expected to deal any of the three, however all three landed in the top 30 of Fangraphs' annual trade value rankings.

What it is:

As a quick overview for those who might be new to the series, the basic concept: which players would bring the most return in trade if they were made available by their current clubs? To answer this question as best as we can, we not only look at a player’s performance — both now and in the future — but also the amount of years a team would be acquiring a player for, and how much that player would earn in salary before he could become a free agent.

Christian Yelich, #26

Yelich, 23, has had another productive offensive year, posting a .263/.341/.361 batting line to complement five home runs and 20 RBIs through 71 games. He spent time on the disabled list earlier in the year and despite a rough start has seemingly turned it around in 2015.

Although he does hit a notably high number of ground balls, Yelich has the ability to draw walks consistently and is a Gold Glove defender in left field. By signing an extension during spring training, Yelich will earn $21 million over what would have been three arbitration years. The Marlins also bought out a pair of free agent seasons for a total of $26 million and ensured Yelich will be controlled for at least six more years with an option for a seventh.

For clubs seeking a left-handed hitting corner outfielder, there might not be a better one than Yelich. While he is valuable, he is not likely to be dealt before the end of the month.

Jose Fernandez, #23

Fernandez, 22, has posted a 2.37 ERA and 1.69 FIP over 19.0 innings since being reinstated from the disabled list. Even after undergoing Tommy John surgery, Fernandez remains Miami's ace and as a result is seen as a valuable piece throughout the league.

Since he is represented by Scott Boras, the Marlins might have difficulty signing Fernandez to a long-term deal. He is arbitration eligible for the first time and is under team control for three more seasons. Although he has only made three starts since returning this season, Fernandez is likely to have success throughout the second half. The number of years of control remaining combined with Fernandez's success likely make any potential deal unrealistic.

Giancarlo Stanton, #21

Miami signed Stanton to the largest contract in North American sports history last November and he remains a core piece in right field for the Marlins. Before going down with a hand injury, Stanton posted a .265/.346/.606 batting line to complement 27 home runs and 67 RBIs through 74 games. Stanton is expected back in the Marlins' lineup in the coming weeks and was recently named one of the club's franchise four.

Since he has had difficulty remaining healthy in the past, Stanton's trade value might be hard to gauge. He could likely be a top ten candidate if he remains healthy moving forward.