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Miami Marlins Trade Deadline Primer: Introduction

The Miami Marlins are expected to be a part of the trade market this season. What will you see in the waning days of July from the Fish, and from Fish Stripes?

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

The trade deadline season is heating up as deals are percolating in the works behind the scenes and MLB Daily Dish is heating up with rumors. Amid all that is one of many teams with high expectations and mediocre performance thus far this year, the Miami Marlins. What was expected to be a season of contention for a team with a good nucleus has, for many reasons, turned sour. Now the Marlins face the trade deadline with choices to be made about their future.

How will Fish Stripes approach this trade deadline? The same way as it has in other deadlines in the past, with the Miami Marlins Trade Deadline Primer! Yet another season's second half is starting, and the Marlins once again appear to be in a rough state. Does that mean that the Fish should be buyers or sellers this time around? Whom could the Marlins deal if they were inclined to sell? Whom could they buy? Here's what's on tap as we head into the deadline season in full tilt.

- Buyers or sellers?: The definitive answer as to how the Marlins should approach this trade deadline
- Trade deadline targets: The players the Marlins should be attempting to acquire
- Trade deadline assets: The players the Marlins should be sending away
- Analysis of each asset's trade value as of right now and any moves that are made in the upcoming days
- All the news coverage you need for any moves the Marlins make
- Prospects? If the Fish acquire minor league names, you bet our minor league staff will be on top of things

You can expect this along with the daily news and analysis coverage you've come to expect from Fish Stripes! So strap in and get ready for another trade deadline with your Miami Marlins and Fish Stripes! The series starts later today!