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MLB Draft 2015: Miami Marlins consensus mock draft picks

It is said that the wisdom of the crowds can share more knowledge than any one source. What has the wisdom of a variety of mock drafts said about the Miami Marlins' 12th pick in 2015 MLB Draft?

What does the wisdom of the crowds say about the 2015 MLB Draft for the Marlins?
What does the wisdom of the crowds say about the 2015 MLB Draft for the Marlins?
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The Miami Marlins are picking 12th in the first round of the 2015 MLB Draft, which occurs on Monday, June 8th. The Fish pick relatively high enough to attain a worthwhile talent, and given the team's depth issues, it may need selection to deliver. However, who will the Marlins see as worthy of selection? The Fish could turn to a number of players when their name is called and they are on the clock.

One way to prognosticate who Miami will select is to poll the "wisdom of the crowds." This is based on the idea that multiple folks contributing information is better than any one individual source, so asking a group of prospect mavens from various websites may give us a better chance at guessing the right name. In this case, the "crowds" will be represented by seven respectable draft and prospect sources:

1. Keith Law, ESPN
2. Jeff Ellis,
3. John Manuel, Baseball-America
4. Jonathan Mayo,
5. Kiley McDaniel, FanGraphs
6. Matt Garrioch, Minor League Ball
7. Ryan Fagan, Sporting News

Once we compile the names of these picks, we will examine how often certain names appear for the Marlins. Those names that appear most often are more likely to get picked. Some consideration will be given to the fact that the later mock drafts should be taken more seriously, as they have more current information on what potentially may be going down in just a few days.

Here are the names each mock draft pointed out, with the picks for the team in front of Miami (Cincinnati Reds) and the team behind them (Tampa Bay Rays) listed as well.

Team, Pick Keith Law Basbeall-America FanGraphs Minor League Ball Sporting News
12. Reds Garrett Whitley Tyler Stephenson Andrew Benitendi Tyler Stephenson Kyle Tucker Ian Happ Ian Happ
13. Marlins Trenton Clark Kyle Tucker Trenton Clark Trenton Clark Garrett Whitley Kyle Tucker Mike Nikorak
14. Rays Walker Buehler Trenton Clark Garrett Whitley Andrew Benitendi Andrew Benitendi Garrett Whitley Garrett Whitley

The bolded name is the player who is most guessed to be involved with the Marlins for this upcoming draft. Texas high school outfielder Trenton Clark is an athletic-enough talent that he might stick in center field, and he boasts the kind of attractive left-handed power hitting that the Marlins love to see and have been missing in the bigs. There would no need to rush his progression, as the Fish have enough outfield help at the big league level, but adding that kind of talent might be exactly what Miami wants.

Most of the systems here have the Fish dipping for one of the prep outfield prospects ranked between sixth and 15th on most top draft prospect lists. Clark, Florida high schooler Kyle Tucker, and New York high schooler Garrett Whitley were among the most named players to go in this set of three selections. Whitley's name appears five times in seven mock drafts, the most among the names seen, with Clark showing up on four of those mocks.

This fits Miami's desire to find talent in terms of athleticism and prep players as they have traditionally. Miami's interest in left-handed power appeals with Tucker and Clark, while their love of speedy players with plus running skills could direct them to Whitley. The lone pitcher on the list, Pennsylvania right-hander Mike Nikorak, fits the team's power-throwing raw righty starting pitcher desires as well.

Given the players generally expected to be available at this time and the Marlins' draft profile, it appears the Marlins will be selecting some sort off prep outfielder, with Trenton Clark the most likely to be selected. Of course, this could change easily by June 8, but if the wisdom of the crowds is right, the team may find itself another athletic, talented outfielder to add to their current stable.