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Marlins vs. Giants: Game 78 Thread

The Marlins welcome in the defending World Series Champion San Fransisco Giants for a three game series.

Hey, could you tell DJ I want to stay in the NL? Thanks.
Hey, could you tell DJ I want to stay in the NL? Thanks.
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

So it's been kind of ugly as of late, with the Marlins going 2-8 in their last 10, dropping four straight series after the two game sweep of the Yankees in Miami in the middle of the month. At 31-46 they trail only the Milwaukee Brewers and fellow division-mate Philadelphia Phillies for worst record in all of baseball. I wasn't quite willing to throw in the towel a week ago but the writing is all over the wall at present, punctuated by Giancarlo Stanton's broken hand.

It's not all doom and gloom though, Marlins fans! Our own Michael Jong gave us some compelling reasons to continue watching, one of which is the return of José Fernández in FIVE DAYS. With reinforcements on the way, even with Stanton out and trades undoubtedly looming the team should be on something of an upswing. BaseRuns (a formula based upon composite offensive statistics that tell us what a team should be scoring) puts the Marlins record at 36-41, a much more palatable five games under .500, so it is fair to say that the team has met with a bit of bad luck over the course of the season. Perhaps having the team that won it all last year in the Giants show up in your home ballpark will provide the motivation to start heading in the right direction again.

Pitching Matchup

3.59 3.61 5.49 Latos Vogelsong 4.05 4.56 4.34

Ryan Vogelsong's first appearance in the majors came at the turn of the century (filed in my brain's memory banks under "things you did not realize), but he hasn't played in 16 straight MLB seasons, instead bouncing around between the majors and minors for the Angels and Pirates as well as the Giants. He mixes it up pretty well on the mound, throwing his 90 MPH fastball 40% of the time and rotating pretty evenly between four other pitches the remaining 60% of the time. He's had an up and down season and while it's been mostly up as of late, he is probably the guy who gets bumped for Jake Peavy's return this upcoming week.

With the season having gone the way it has, the Marlins need Mat Latos to show consistency in his performances in order to procure the highest value in a trade possible. Indeed, this may be his last chance to do so, as the team will be needing to open up a rotation spot next week. See if you can spot the scouts in the stands. They should be wearing shades and cabana hats.

Today's Lineups

Angel Pagan - CF Dee Gordon - 2B
Joe Panik - 2B Christian Yelich - LF
Matt Duffy - 3B Adeiny Hechavarria - SS
Buster Posey - 1B Justin Bour - 1B
Brandon Belt - LF Marcell Ozuna - CF
Brandon Crawford - SS Derek Dietrich - 3B
Andrew Susac - C J.T. Realmuto - C
Gregor Blanco - RF Ichiro Suzuki - RF
Ryan Vogelsong - RHP Mat Latos - RHP

Hech in the three hole...return swiftly, Giancarlo.


- What are you looking for in returns for trades? Where does the organization need the most help?

- The Giants have won three out of the last five World Series. You knew this already, but I'd thought I'd remind you so you could shake your head and curse alongside me.

Bold Prediction: Marlins beat Giants 5-1.