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Brett Butler reassignment wasn't 'rash' decision

Former Manager Mike Redmond was reportedly not pleased with some of Butler's calls.

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Dan Jennings may not be the only one to support a change in the third base coach's box. According to Barry Jackson of The Miami Herald, the decision to have Brett Butler coach the outfield and Lenny Harris become the third base coach was not "rash," as former Manager Mike Redmond was reportedly not pleased with Butler either.

Brett Butler’s re-assignment from third base to outfield and base-running coach wasn’t a rash decision. According to a team official, former manager Mike Redmond also was unhappy with Butler...

After taking two of three from the Orioles over the weekend, the Marlins dropped the first two games against the Pirates and will face the Mets this weekend. The club's pitching staff is struggling and the organization may consider making major changes moving forward. Jose Urena made his first major league start on Tuesday and Justin Nicolino may be promoted in the coming days.

Miami opted to give Harris an opportunity at third base after the Marlins became bothered by consistent confusion over signs. Butler was expected to become the Marlins' interim manager when Redmond was fired and FOX Sports' Ken Rosenthal reported on Tuesday all of the changes are beginning to affect the players' performance.

While the players were not vocal about Redmond's style, Jackson adds Miami's front office felt Redmond was not aggressive enough during games. However, Jackson was told some Marlins feel Jennings' managerial style is too aggressive. Miami has utilized hit and runs more frequently since Jennings became the manager and the club has not had a notable amount of success in those situations.

The Marlins have struggled scoring runs at certain points in 2015 and Jennings has shuffled the lineup in order to give Miami the best opportunities. Miami is also without three starting pitchers, and if a young pitching staff does not adjust moving forward, Jackson notes pitching coach Chuck Hernandez's job may be in jeopardy too.

Moving Butler may not have a significant overall impact but it could send a message to the clubhouse. The Marlins may already be frustrated and they are not worried about making other moves.