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Dan Jennings' New Look Lineup (A Satirical Approach)

If Dan Jennings is the new manager...why not see if he works elsewhere?

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

With the Miami Marlins naming Dan Jennings, yes the General Manager, as the next manager of the team, his first move was to make a few lineup switches to spice things up for the fans.

Folks, I give to you YOUR NEW LOOK 2015 MIAMI MARLINS (cue cheap fireworks).

At first base, we all know him well.  He also doubles as the GM and manager of the team, we have number four: Dan Jennings.

Over at second, making his MLB playing debut today: Dan Jennings!

At shortstop, the self-titled "Wan-Dan" Jennings.

At third, he puts the "hot" in "hot corner", the master of disaster: Dan Jennings!

Out in left, make some noise for the new stud: Dan Jennings.

He can make it all happen out in center, how about a round of applause for the speedy Dan Jennings!

Giancar-who? This new right fielder has twice the power, twice the muscle, and twice the dazzle. He's everyone's fan favorite... DAN... JENNINGS!

Behind the plate will be Dan Jennings and tonight's hill master, making his season debut will be Dan Jennings.

Here's to a new lineup, new manager and experimenting with the Major League team mid-season!