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MLB Scores Marlins 1 Dodgers 11

Dan Haren and the back end of the pen were clobbered by the twin mistresses of Dodger bats and dry California air and the Marlins fall to Los Angeles for the second time in as many days.

Must I do everything?
Must I do everything?
Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

FishStripes commenter MiamiSkye coined the clever nickname "Haren Houdini" in the gamethread tonight, which seemed apropos at the time as Dan Haren found himself escaping trouble early. He couldn't keep up the magic act, though, as the Dodgers pounded out 21 hits en route to an 11-1 victory over the Marlins.

The lone Fish run came in the top of the 1st. With two outs Giancarlo Stanton absolutely destroyed a Mike Bolsinger pitch, sending it out of the stadium into the hazy California sunset. The ball was the first hit out of Dodger Stadium since current Dodgers hitting coach Mark McGuire did it in 1999, and only the fifth hit out ever in the history of the 53 year old ballpark. 1-0 Marlins and sadly the only offensive highlight of the night for Miami.

In the bottom of the second Dan Haren began showing signs of things to come, loading the bases full. The pitcher Bolsinger hit a looper into centerfield which Marcell Ozuna was able to catch. Ozuna then threw a rocket to homeplate to keep Yasmani Grandal at third base and save a run. Haren followed that up by striking out young Joc Pederson with an 88 mph fastball, and lastly got Jimmy Rollins flying out to center to end the threat. Unfortunately, things were not to continue in this fashion.

In the bottom of the third Howie Kendrick evened the score with a solo shot to right, and in the fourth Andre Ethier gave the Dodgers the lead for good with a homerun to centerfield. Haren continued hemorrhaging hits and finally bled out in the fifth inning. A single, passed ball, hit batsman, double and another single saw the Dodger lead grow to 5-1. After Brad Hand had come in, another double closed the book on Haren, making it 6-1 Dodgers. Haren exited with the ugly line of four and 1/3 innings pitched, 11 hits given up, 4 K's, no walks and six runs, all earned. He simply didn't have it tonight.

Brad Hand didn't have it either, if he ever really does. The sixth inning saw the Dodgers tack on two more and run it up to 8-1. I'd keep naming names but let's just presume for the sake of this re-cap that all the Dodgers hitters were in on the action. Noted Marlins killer Andre Ethier stood out with a 5-5 performance, including a homerun and a two run double. Nick Masset came in and gave up another few runs because why not. 11-1 Dodgers at the end of the sixth.

Mike Bolsinger for his part was effective, going five and 2/3 innings giving up just three hits, two walks and one very, very, very long homerun. The Dodgers certainly had to be happy with the effort, and the effort of all their various hitters this evening.

The Marlins will try and salvage a win in the final game of the series tomorrow, 7:50 EST start time.

Source: FanGraphs

Attendance: 49,628

Hero of the Game: Andre Ethier (+.217)

Goat of the Game: Dan Haren (-.312)

Play of the Game: Andre Ethier homerun (+.141)