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Heroes And Zeroes: Dodgers 5, Marlins 3

Steve Cishek gets whammied with his second blown save in a row, and his fourth in seven chances this season.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Heroes and Zeroes is a series where I take each players contribution to the final result (based on weighted plate appearances) of the ballgame. Each participant in the matchup is ranked from best to worst. The top three are "Heroes," the bottom three are "Zeroes." I used the win expectancy chart from to rank these players.


Scott Van Slyke (LAD) .806

Van Slyke, batting eighth for the Dodgers, grounded out to shortstop for the second out of the third inning (-1.7%). He doubled to left to open the fifth (+5.9%), then he singled to left (+7.7%) and took second on a Christian Yelich error, later scoring a go ahead run in the seventh. He also recorded a putout and an assist in the frame, with a 7-2 double play to end the Marlins half. He ended the contest with a three-run blast with one out in the bottom of the ninth (+68.7%).

Christian Yelich (MIA) .771

Yelich batted fifth, and started out with a swinging strikeout for the second out of the second inning (-1.5%). He grounded out to second to open the fifth (-3.1%), singled to left with one out in the seventh (+4.1%), and had what would have been the play of the game if not for Van Slyke's heroics, with a one-out, two-run go-ahead homer in the top of the ninth (+68.3%).

Zach Grienke (LAD) .219

Grienke pitched seven strong innings for the Dodgers, allowing two walks and six hits for one earned run. He struck out five Marlins. In addition, he was Los Angeles' first baserunner, drawing a two-out walk in the third.

Almost Heroes

Marcell Ozuna (MIA) .215

Joc Pederson (LAD) .172

Adam Liberatore (LAD) .087

Tom Koehler (MIA) .077

Michael Morse (MIA) .066

JP Howell (LAD) .042

Andre Ethier (LAD) .026

Sam Dyson (MIA) .025

CHris Hatcher (LAD) .024

JT Realmuto (MIA) .023

Minimal Impact

Adrian Gonzalez (LAD) .020

Ichiro! Suzuki (MIA) .016

Howie Kendrick (LAD) .016

Martin Prado (MIA) -.010

Almost Zeroes

Jeff Baker (MIA) -.052

Justin Turner (LAD) -.054

Alex Guerrero (LAD) -.059

Dee Gordon (MIA) -.134

Giancarlo Stanton (MIA) -.159

Jimmy Rollins (LAD) -.160

Nick Masset (MIA) -.186


Adeiny Hechavarria (MIA) -.328

Hechavarria, as always batting eighth for the Marlins, grounded out to shortstop to open the third (-2.4%). He flew out to right with a man on to end the fifth (-3.2%), then flew out to left with the bases loaded to end the seventh (-24.6%) in a play that wound up a twin-killing when Andy Van Slyke threw out Christian Yelich trying to score on the play. He flew out again for the second out of the ninth with two runners on base (-2.6%).

Yimi Garcia (LAD) -.720

Garcia took just two-thirds of an inning to make a one-run lead into a one-run deficit. He struck out Giancarlo Stanton (+6.7%) to open the inning before allowing Marcell Ozuna to walk (-7.9%) and Christian Yelich to knock both of them in (-68.3%). He then allowed singles to Michael Morse (-1.5%) and JT Realmuto (-2.1%) before walking Ichiro! Suzuki (-1.6%) to load the bases. JP Howell bailed him out by getting Dee Gordon to fly out for the final out.

Steve Cishek (MIA) -.824

Cishek did Garcia one better, taking just one-third of an inning to give the Dodgers the lead (and win). He got Justin Turner to fly out to open the frame (+8.0%), then walked Yasmani Grandal (-9.2%), allowed a single to Andre Ethier (-12.4%), and then gave Scott Van Slyke a meatball to drive over the fence for a walk-off three run bash.

Last 10 Games

Heroes Christian Yelich 0.688
Dan Haren 0.613
Mat Latos 0.454
Almost Heroes Donovan Solano 0.363
David Phelps 0.348
Dee Gordon 0.304
Jeff Baker 0.269
AJ Ramos 0.228
Mike Dunn 0.219
Justin Bour 0.147
Mike Morse 0.117
Minimal Impact Jhonatan Solano 0.055
Marcell Ozuna 0.046
Ichiro Suzuki 0.045
JT Realmuto 0.019
Nick Masset 0.005
Brad Hand -0.038
Martin Prado -0.055
Almost Zeroes Reid Brignac -0.125
Sam Dyson -0.169
Tom Koehler -0.368
Giancarlo Stanton -0.535
Jarred Cosart -0.593
Zeroes Adieny Hechavarria -0.618
Bryan Morris -0.950
Steve Cishek -1.470


Attendance: 44,941

Gatorfan4life wins attendance with a guess of 45,432, 491 off the actual figure. He called a Dodgers win, Grienke and Yelich as a Hero, and Heche as a Zero for six total points.

I called Greinke a Hero and said Scott Van Slyke would get on base for two points.

gustavopim said the Marlins would hit 2 home runs for three points. He said that Dodgers' pitching would out-K the Fish and called Grienke a Hero for a total of five.

Jigokusabre called Zach Grienke a Hero and Adeiny Hechavarria a Zero for two points.

Jeremy Hulme called Heche a Zero, and also called "Cranky" a Zero, but I don't know who that is, so he only gets one point.

MiamiSkye called a Hero for Grienke.

Ichthyomancy Standings

Miami Skye 86
gustavopim 82.5
Jigokusabre 70.5
dcfish 50
Kevin Kraczkowski 41.5
Marlon D 39
Gatorfan4life 36.5
Jeremy Hulme 26
Bdwatson 25
tomwolf2008 19
Thomas Bennett 17.5

Miami looks to get some karmic payback tonight in game two of this three game series. Leave your picks here or in the GameThread.