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Heroes And Zeroes: Braves 12, Marlins 2

The Braves put a touchdown on the board in the first inning, and the Marlins never recovered.

Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports


Freddie Freeman (ATL) .112

Freeman went three-for-five with two RBI on the night. He started the game with an RBI double to center with one out, one in, and one on in the first (+10.8%). He struck out swinging to Brad Hand to open the second (-0.3%), but the Braves were already on top by a 7-0 count. He struck out looking to end the fourth, also to Hand (-0.1%). In the seventh inning, he doubled to right to score Jace Peterson (+.7%) to make the score 8-2. He would finish with a one out single to right in the ninth, later scoring to make it 10-2.

Christian Bethancourt (ATL) .092

Bethancourt went one-for-four on the night, drawing a walk and scoring twice for the visitors. He collected his only hit of the night with a double to center field with one out and a man on second in the first (+7.8%). The hit would score Freeman, and prove to be the game winner. He scored after advancing to third on a wild pitch (+1.9%). He grounded out to third with one out in the second (-.2%), then did it again to open the fifth (-.1%). The seventh inning would see him ground out to third base for the third time, with nobody out and runners at second and third (-.2%). His grounder failed to move the runners, but the damage was well done by that time. He drew a walk and later scored the final run of the game in the ninth, for a 12-2 final.

Nick Markakis (ATL) .090

New Brave Markakis extended his newfound mastery of Marlins pitching. He posted a two-for-four night, drawing a walk and scoring twice with an RBI. His one-out, first inning single scored Eric Young from second for the first run of the game (+8.8%), then scored on Freeman's double moments later. Later in the inning, he was the 12th man to the plate, but grounded out to end the inning, 6-3 (-0.6%). He grounded out to second for the second out of the fourth (-0.1%), then singled to right field with nobody out and a man on first in the seventh (+0.9%). He walked then scored the Braves' ninth run in the final inning (+0.1%).

Almost Heroes

Eric Young (ATL) .079

Giancarlo Stanton (MIA) .065

Chris Johnson (ATL) .053

Andrelton Simmons (ATL) .046

Alex Wood (ATL) .026

Donovan Solano (MIA) .024

Christian Yelich (MIA) .021

Minimal Impact

Brandon Cunniff (ATL) .020

Cody Martin (ATL) .015

Brad Hand (MIA) .015

Kelly Johnson (ATL) .007

Dee Gordon (MIA) .004

Bryan Morris (MIA) .001

Alberto Callaspo (ATL) .001

Juan Jaime (ATL) .000

David Phelps (MIA) .000

Cameron Maybin (ATL) -.001

Ichiro Suzuki (MIA) -.001

Steve Cishek (MIA) -.001

Jonny Gomes (ATL) -.002

Marcell Ozuna (MIA) -.002

Sam Dyson (MIA) -.003

Adeiny Hechavarria (MIA) -.012

Almost Zeroes

Jarrod Saltalamacchia (MIA) -.021

Jace Peterson (ATL) -.038


Michael Morse (MIA) -.060

Morse struck out three times in his second Marlins' game. In the first inning, he came to the plate with nobody out and the bases loaded, down 7-0, then struck out swinging (-3.4%). In the fourth inning, he sacrifice flied to center field, moving Giancarlo Stanton to second base (-0.7%). He struck out looking in the sixth (-1.8%), then struck out swinging in the eighth (-0.2%).

Martin Prado (MIA) -.077

Prado went 0-for-3 with a walk. He started out with a bases loaded, one-out double play in the bottom of the first inning (-5.5%). He flew out to center field with one out and a man on second base in the fourth (-0.8%), flew out to center with a man on first in the sixth (-1.3%), then drew a walk to open the ninth (0%).

Mat Latos (MIA) -.451

Latos has seen better days. He threw 38 pitches overall, 25 of them for strikes, but six of those strikes were good for fair Braves hits. In just two-thirds of the first inning, he faced 10 batters, allowing two walks in addition to the hits. He was charged for seven earned runs - an ERA of 94.50 and a WHIP of 12.00.


Again, everyone who played predicted the Marlins to win, so nobody earned a score prediction point.

Attendance was 17,483. The closest prediction was dcfish's 19,000, off by only 1,517. Along with Jigokusabre, he also predicted Freddie Freeman would earn one of the Hero slots.

Marlon D predicted Martin Prado would earn a Zero.

Zag correctly predicted that Mike Morse would be one of the Zeroes.

Ichthyomancy Standings

dcfish 4
Miami Skye 3
Bdwatson 2
zag 2
Marlon D 2
SuperRadz 1
ncchief 1
d.o.g.o.b.y.g.n. 1
Gatorfan4life 1
Kevin Kraczkowski 1
Jigokusabre 1

Leave your picks for tomorrow's picks here or in the Gamethread. Gametime is 7:10 PM, and maybe these Marlins can get some revenge on Atlanta before taking on the Tampa Bay Rays later this week.