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Heroes And Zeroes: Marlins 3, Nationals 2

Marlins pitching made the difference last night.

Gordon, smacking his fifth inning RBI single.
Gordon, smacking his fifth inning RBI single.
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Heroes and Zeroes is a series where I take each players contribution to the final result (based on weighted plate appearances) of the ballgame. Each participant in the matchup is ranked from best to worst. The top three are "Heroes," the bottom three are "Zeroes." I used the win expectancy chart from to rank these players.


Dee Gordon (MIA) .273

Gordon went three-for-four on the night, with three singles, a stolen base and an RBI.

Bryce Harper (WAS) .238

Harper was two-for-two on the night, with two singles, both Nationals' RBI, a sacrifice fly, a walk, and a caught stealing.

Steve Cishek (MIA) .151

Cishek earned Miami's first save of the season with a perfect ninth inning. The well-rested pitcher induced two groundouts and one weak fly ball to finish off the Nationals.

Almost Heroes

Adeiny Hechavarria (MIA) .151

AJ Ramos (MIA) .146

Bryan Morris (MIA) .101

Mat Latos (MIA) .100

Martin Prado (MIA) .047

Tanner Roark (WAS) .036

Minimal Impact

Jordan Zimmerman (WAS) .020

Denard Span (WAS) .011

Almost Zeroes

Ichiro Suzuki (MIA) -.025

Ian Desmond (WAS) -.026

Clint Robinson (WAS) -.034

Wilson Ramos (WAS) -.035

Marcell Ozuna (MIA) -.045

Jason Werth (WAS) -.056

Reed Johnson (WAS) -.074

Donovan Solano (MIA) -.089

Yuniel Escobar (WAS) -.090

Michael Morse (MIA) -.097

Aaron Barrett (WAS) -.098

Matt Grace (WAS) -.102

JT Realmuto (MIA) -.102


Giancarlo Stanton (MIA) -.110

Stanton flew out twice and struck out twice.

Dan Uggla (WAS) -.113

Uggla struck out twice and flew out once.

Ryan Zimmerman (WAS) -.137

Zimmerman went one-for-four with a double, grounding out twice and flying out once. He winds up on the bottom of the stack tonight because he ended the Nationals' eighth inning with two runners on base and the score still tied at 2, an event which was leveraged at a weight of 3.27 (the second highest leverage of the night).

Last 10 Games

Dee Gordon 0.714
Adieny Hechavarria 0.614
AJ Ramos 0.359
Marcell Ozuna 0.232
Giancarlo Stanton 0.219
Martin Prado 0.177
Steve Cishek 0.168
David Phelps 0.117
Bryan Morris 0.091
Reid Brignac 0.075
Ichiro Suzuki 0.023
Mat Latos 0.006
Jeff Baker 0.006
Nick Masset 0.002
Sam Dyson -0.071
Jose Urena -0.106
Mike Morse -0.148
Jarrod Saltalamacchia -0.150
JT Realmuto -0.173
Donovan Solano -0.208
Jarred Cosart -0.208
Brad Hand -0.212
Dan Haren -0.317
Mike Dunn -0.366
Christian Yelich -0.421
Tom Koehler -0.425


Attendance: 16,259

Gatorfan4life guessed 16,456, which is just 197 off of the actual figure for two points. He also correctly predicted a Latos QS and Uggla as a zero for 2.5 more.

MiamiSkye called the winner, said the starters would combine for between 10.2 and 12.2 innings (they went 12.1), and named Uggla as a zero for 3.5 points.

tomwolf2008 called Harper a hero and Uggla a zero for two points.

Jigokusabre had the Marlins winning by a run for two points, a Latos QS for 1.5, and earned a point for calling Uggla a zero. He also had "Zimmerman" listed as both a hero and as a zero, so I'll split the difference and give him a half point.

dcfish picked the winner and stuck both Zimmerman's in the zero pile. He didn't use their first names, but I guess that doesn't matter.

gustavopim gets three points for calling the Marlins with a 3-2 win and one for calling Uggla a zero.

Ichthyomancy Standings

gustavopim 42
Jigokusabre 32
dcfish 31
Kevin Kraczkowski 29
Miami Skye 25.5
Bdwatson 24
Marlon D 15
Gatorfan4life 12.5
tomwolf2008 12
Thomas Bennett 7
thenumber95 7
Jeremy Hulme 5
zag 3
Alex Carver 3
Delusional Marlins Fan 2
rsanchez1 2
sternma 2
Al-Kendall 2
DavidJacobs 2
SuperRadz 1
ncchief 1
d.o.g.o.b.y.g.n. 1
nfries7 1

The Marlins will be looking out for their fourth straight win this afternoon at Marlins Park, as they square off in the second of a three-game series. Leave your Ichthy picks here or in the GameThread. First pitch is at 4:10 PM.