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Mike Redmond's job should not be in jeopardy

After a slow start, Mike Redmond is rumored to be on the hot seat.

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The first 13 games of the Marlins' 2015 season have not gone according to plan. The team currently sits at 3-10 while having a -15 run differential and the highest ERA in the majors. This all comes after the Marlins had their most aggressive offseason, in terms of attempting to upgrade the team, since 2012.

After the Mets completed a four game sweep of the Marlins on Sunday, Clark Spencer of the Miami Herald reported that manager Mike Redmond is on the hot seat after the club's slow start. Here is what Spencer reported on Redmond's job status:

According to sources who have heard rumblings, Redmond is on the hot seat and the the organization is already bouncing around possible replacements. One possibility: Wally Backman, the Mets' Triple A manager.

Sources said Loria is not happy with the team's play, and Giancarlo Stanton's post-game comments Friday suggesting the team lacked "fire," while in no way directed at the more laid-back style of Redmond, might have had the unintended effect of creating that impression. Loria has always had a strong preference for fiery managers. McKeon fit that bill, and Loria courted the demonstrative Bobby Valentine, as well as hiring Guillen, for those reasons.

There is a lot to unpack here.

The Marlins just gave Mike Redmond a two-year contract extension last September. They did so because they believed in the progress that the team made in its first two years under Red. Here is what Marlins President Michael Hill said after the club extended Mike Redmond last fall:

"We wanted to give it to you guys and the people of South Florida to know the commitment our ownership has (with) Jeffrey Loria and our front office, and we know that moving forward we're going to have Mike Redmond at the helm of the talented ballclub, and one that's building toward future championships."

So if the Marlins' brass, most specifically Jeffrey Loria, believed in Redmond enough to keep him here for the next three seasons, then what has changed their mind in the past two weeks? A slow start 13 games into the season and now all of the sudden he's not 'fiery' enough for the organization's liking.

When did Mike Redmond become too laid-back and not fiery? What does thisthis, and this get classified as then? Jeffrey Loria seems to be working under the logic of if a manager has not ripped into his team or been tossed out of a game then they aren't fiery. This isn't meant to praise Mike Redmond as this great manager who can do no wrong, but rather to defend him for something that is not his fault.

It's not Mike Redmond's fault that the Marlins starters are not going deep into games and the bullpen is sputtering. It's not Mike Redmond's fault that Christain Yelich looks lost at the plate. It's not Mike Redmond's fault that Giancarlo Stanton is whiffing and striking out at high rate. The list goes on and on of things that Red is not responsible for because the blame ultimately falls on the players for not performing well. If you want to criticize Red for his line-up structure or in-game decisions, such as having Dee Gordon bunt in the 9th inning of Sunday's game, that is fine. But to say that he is to blame for the Marlins 3-10 start and should lose his job is outrageous.

As for Stanton's comment, the report said that it was not directed at Redmond. Even so, when watching this team, urgency does not seem to be the problem. They have rallied back from large deficits only to come up short a few times this season. There does not seem to be a lack of fire with team, but instead the players are just simply not executing. Players have talked about how they like playing for Redmond and it's doubtful that 13 games in the team thinks he needs to be replaced.

All offseason the front office talked about stability and how they were done with their trends of the past, such as re-set buttons with managers and teams. But it would be so typical of Jeffrey Loria to push the panic button justt two weeks into the season and fire Mike Redmond.

Also, it is not as if the Marlins had big expectations to win the division or even make the playoffs coming into the season. They were expected to just miss the playoffs and were going to need some luck to get in. With that being said, this is a classic case of overreaction from the owner. It is still way too early in the season to be making a decision like this. Bringing in Wally Backmon to manage this team is not going to suddenly solve all of the Marlins problems. If anything, a move like this could have a negative effect on the players if they truly enjoy playing for Redmond.

Spencer also noted in his article that the Marlins upcoming series against the Philadelphia Phillies could decide Redmond's job(if that's the case, Red should be thanking the schedule makers for possibly saving him his job). This series should have no bearing on Redmond's fate because his job should have never been in question in the first place.

Do you think Mike Redmond should be fired after the Marlins slow start?