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Miami Marlins considering replacemets for Mike Redmond

Wally Backman has been mentioned as a candidate.

Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

Miami has opened the season by winning three of its first 13 games, and the Marlins may not be waiting much longer before making a major change. According to Clark Spencer of The Miami Herald, the organization is internally considering firing Manager Mike Redmond.

After winning the series against the Braves but dropping four straight to the Mets, the Marlins head to Philadelphia for a three game series that may determine the manager's fate. Spencer adds that the Marlins could already be considering possible replacements, and that Wally Backman, the Mets' current Triple-A manager, may be a candidate to replace Redmond.

Miami has had difficulty becoming consistent, and according to Spencer, Owner Jeffrey Loria is not happy with the team's performance.

Sources said Loria is not happy with the team's play, and Giancarlo Stanton's post-game comments Friday suggesting the team lacked "fire," while in no way directed at the more laid-back style of Redmond, might have had the unintended effect of creating that impression. Loria has always had a strong preference for fiery managers. McKeon fit that bill, and Loria courted the demonstrative Bobby Valentine, as well as hiring Guillen, for those reasons.

The Marlins extended Redmond before the end of last season. But if the Marlins continue to struggle, they may have a new manager relatively soon.