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Modern Miami Marlins Killers

What if all of the players who terrorize the Marlins formed a super team to make Marlins fans miserable forever? These are the Modern Marlins Killers

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

It's a normal night watching your beloved Miami Marlins. All is going well until these guys step up to the plate, music straight out of an Alfred Hitchcock film starts to play in your head and you know something bad is about to happen. These are the guys who always find a way to beat up on the Marlins. So what if there was an ultimate Marlin-killing team? What if all of the guys who make Marlins fans miserable formed a super-team to terrorize Marlins fans forever? These are the Modern Marlins Killers:

Ryan Howard Phillies 1B

On first base is the Phillies' massive slugger Ryan Howard. Over the course of his career, Howard has insured the misery of Marlins fans blasting towering moon-shots hitting 37 career home runs against the Marlins. To add to it, Howard has batted in 110 runs and notched a .295 batting average. The Marlins have lived in a shadow the size of the massive slugger who stands at 6'4 and 250 pounds.

Chase Utley Phillies 2B

Then there's the other half of the Phillies' terrifying duo that has Marlins fans on their toes. Since coming into the league in 2003, Utley has thrived in the NL East, particularly bringing his best against the Marlins.  With his consistent hitting and solid defense, Utley has killed the Marlins with consistency over the years. Utley has batted an astronomical .378 against the Marlins, batting in 121 runs.

Jimmy Rollins Phillies SS

Yes, before anyone says anything I understand Rollins is currently out in Los Angeles playing with the Dodgers. That being said, Rollins has done his fair share of damage in a Phillies uniform. Rollins has posted a .294 batting average and stole 57 bases against the Marlins. Most Marlins fans couldn't be happier to have Rollins moved out of the division and on his way to California.

David Wright Mets 3B

Known as "Captain America," this famous Met has made sure to unleash his wrath upon the Marlins when at all possible. In his many meetings with the Marlins, Wright has done tons of damage smashing home runs out of the park and making sure to bring his A-game for divisional games. In 173 meetings with the Marlins, Wright has batted .326 and slugged 26 home runs. Wright is fearsome indeed.

Brian McCann Braves C

Just like Rollins in that McCann has since departed the NL East he has done his fair share of damage. In 124 career meetings with the Marlins, McCann has smashed 21 homers and batted in 85 runs. Having McCann in the American League is a great thing for the Marlins and their fans.

Matt Holiday Cardinals LF

Matt Holiday stands an intimidating 6'4 and weighs in at 250 pounds. He has been every bit as scary as he looks to the Marlins, batting .345 against the Marlins and clubbing 14 home runs over the course of only 65 career meetings with the Marlins. From his days with the Colorado Rockies to his current tenure with the St. Louis Cardinals, Holiday has always been a tough out for the Marlins and he will likely continue to be until the day he retires.

Denard Span Nationals CF

In just 30 game with the Nationals Span has been a major Marlin Killer. Span has notched a .298 batting average against the Fish and has used his slick fielding to rob Marlins hitters of hits and home runs many times. With Span returning to the Nationals this year you can expect more of the same from the veteran speedster.

Jayson Werth Nationals/Phillies RF

Werth has showcased sensational power throughout his career and games against the Marlins are no exception. In 132 games against the Marlins, Werth has notched 69 RBIs along with 15 homers and also posted a respectable .250 career batting average.

Cliff Lee Phillies SP

Since entering the NL East with the Phillies, Cliff Lee has owned the Marlins. Posting a 5-1 record and a 2.29 ERA, Lee has brought his best stuff to Marlins Park each time he played the Marlins. While the career of the longtime ace may be coming to an end, he has left his footprint on the Marlins.

Craig Kimbrel Braves CP

And finally to finish out the game and dash the hopes of the Marlins is Craig Kimbrel. Kimbrel has dominated just about every team in the National League and the Marlins have been no exception. Kimbrel has posted a 1.54 ERA and tallied 20 saves against the Fish. With his fearsome fastball, Kimbrel will forever strike fear into the hearts of Marlins fans.

So that's the All-Marlin Killer team. Since we are a community here, feel free to comment below who you think should be on the list. Did I leave anyone off? Was there anyone who didn't deserve to be on here? Let me know in the comments below. Also comment who you think is the biggest Marlin Killer of all-time.