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MLB Scores: Miami Marlins 1, New York Mets 4

Marlins lose their eighth game of the season in a 1-4 loss to the Mets.

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Miami got off to a great start with Giancarlo Stanton's homerun in the first inning. Against the Mets, Stanton has homered in five straight games. This one run turned out to be the Marlin's only in the game in the 1-4 loss.

After Stanton's first inning homerun off Bartolo Colon,  the Marlins were quiet on offense for the rest of the game. The Marlins' starter, David Phelps, who is taking injured Henderson Alvarez's place in the rotation, had a great start for 4.2 innings until he gave up a sacrifice fly to Bartolo Colon that drove in Eric Campbell.

Phelps pitched 4.2 innings, giving up one hit with one earned run. Relieving Phelps was Brad Hand who pitched .2 innings while giving up two earned runs. The first was an RBI single by Michael Cuddyer. When Hand was taken out, Lucas Duda remained on third.

In the sixth inning, Sam Dyson gave up a sacrifice fly to Eric Campbell that drove in Duda.  Bryan Morris cam in for the Marlins in the eighth. Morris gave up a double to Daniel Murphy that scored Michael Cuddyer.

In the end Brad Hand was credited with a loss against the Mets.

Source: FanGraphs

Hero of the Game: Giancarlo Stanton (+0.07 WPA)

Goat of the Game: Brad Hand (-0.22 WPA)