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Heroes And Zeroes: Marlins 6, Braves 2

A well-balanced victory for the Marlins, as the pitching and the hitting each earn credit for half of this victory.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Heroes and Zeroes is a series of articles which aim to isolate the key moments in each game. Using a weighted approach to plate appearances in different situations and applying the results of those at bats gives us a clear picture of just who is coming through in the clutch. I used and their Wins Probability Added (WPA) feature.


Dan Haren (MIA). 200

Haren was the big winner, going seven full innings and striking out five (+7.2%) while allowing two first inning walks (-5.5%) and three hits (-8.3%). Two of the hits were solo home runs. Haren also went 0-for-2 from the plate (-1.2%).

Adeiny Hechavarria (MIA) .173

Hechavarria, who turned 26 today, had a perfect three-for-three night at the plate. He started out with a no-out, one-on single to center in the third (+6.7%). In the fifth, he hit a two-run homer to left-center (+9.2%) to make the score 4-0. In the seventh, with no outs and a runner on first, he singled to left (+0.8%) with a 5-1 lead. With one out and runners on the corners in the ninth, he hit a sacrifice fly for the final Marlins' run, for a 6-2 lead (+0.6%).

Dee Gordon (MIA) .116

Gordon singled to lead off the first (+3.8%), but got caught stealing a moment later for the first out of the game (-5.8%). He recovered nicely in the third, with one out and a runner on second and third when he hit a two-RBI double to open the scoring (+15.3%). He flied out to left in the fifth (-0.4%) and grounded into a double play to end the seventh (-1.2%).

Almost Heroes

JT Realmuto (MIA) .092

Freddie Freeman (ATL) .053

Cameron Maybin (ATL) .041

Mike Dunn (MIA) .037

Luis Avilan (ATL) .022

Minimal Impact

Steve Cishek (MIA) .012

Martin Prado (MIA) -.002

Reid Brignac (ATL) -.002

Kelly Johnson (ATL) -.008

Andrelton Simmons (ATL) -.008

Marcell Ozuna (MIA) -.012

Brad Cunniff (ATL) -.012

Alberto Callaspo (ATL) -.013

Eric Young (ATL) -.020

Almost Zeroes

Cody Martin (ATL) -.027

Michael Morse (MIA) -.030

Jace Peterson (ATL) -.036

Giancarlo Stanton (MIA) -.039

Phil Gosselin (ATL) -.044

Ichiro Suzuki (MIA) -.044


Jonny Gomes (ATL) -.057

Gomes struck out looking to open the first inning (-2.2%), flied out to second to open the fifth (-1.5%), and struck out swinging for the first out of the seventh (-2.1%).

Christian Bethancourt (ATL) -.144

Bethancourt flied out to left field with runners on first and second and one out in the first (-4.3%) and grounded into a double play for the first and second outs of the fourth inning (-9.3%). He struck out swinging in the sixth (-0.4%), then made the second out of the ninth with a fly out to center field (-0.4%).

Eric Stults (ATL) -.246

Stults was the big loser in today's matchup, earning the loss by allowing four earned runs in five innings, with two walks and two strikeouts. He also grounded out to short to open the third inning. Of the four hits he allowed, two were singles, along with a double and the Hechavarria home run.


Bdwatson called the winner and the correct score for three points. He called the Marlins for 2 home runs, Haren as a hero and Stultz as a zero for three more. That's six points.

rsanchez1 got a point for calling Gordon a hero and another for calling the winner for two total.

dcfish called the winner, Haren a winner and Stultz a loser for three points.

Jigokusabre called the winner and 2+ hits for Realmuto for two points.

gustavopim called the score for three, a Haren QS for one, Gordon a hero for another, and Gomes and Stultz zeroes for two more. That was seven points.

Gatorfan4life called the winner and Stultz as a zero for two points.

MiamiSkye got the attendance with a guess of 16500, 1842 off the actual figure of 18342. He also got the winner, Gordon as a hero and Stultz as a zero for five total points.

I'm running this darn thing and forgot to make picks (DOH!).

Ichthyomancy Standings

dcfish 19
gustavopim 18
Jigokusabre 16
Bdwatson 16
Kevin Kraczkowski 14
Miami Skye 11
Marlon D 8
Thomas Bennett 7
thenumber95 7
Jeremy Hulme 5
Gatorfan4life 5
zag 3
Alex Carver 3
Delusional Marlins Fan 2
rsanchez1 2
SuperRadz 1
ncchief 1
d.o.g.o.b.y.g.n. 1
sternma 1
Al-Kendall 1

The Marlins now travel to New York to play the Mets four times, starting tomorrow night at 7:10PM ET. Get your picks in!