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Miami Marlins' extension talks with Adeiny Hechavarria stalled

The 25-year old shortstop may reconsider the possibility of an extension during the offseason.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Miami made it a goal to lock up several members of its core last offseason, and did so by signing both Giancarlo Stanton and then Christian Yelich to long term deals. The Marlins expressed interest in extending shortstop Adeiny Hechavarria, however according to Barry Jackson of The Miami Herald, extension talks with Hechavarria have stalled and may continue this offseason.

### The Marlins say talks on a longterm deal with Adeiny Hechavarria, who is under team control through 2018, have been tabled. We hear there was a large gap.

While the Marlins were able to get two thirds of their young outfield signed to long term deals, the club also considered extending Hechavarria, Jose Fernandez, and Marcell Ozuna. Hechavarria, 25, posted a .276/.308/.356 batting line to complement one home run and 34 RBIs.

The Marlins are looking to ensure future stability based on a distinct core, and since he was acquired in the trade with Toronto, Hechavarria has been seen as the club's future shortstop. He is considered to be a plus defender, more often than not providing highlight-reel type plays, however has seen time at the bottom of the Marlins' lineup, batting eighth for most of his time in Miami.

Hechavarria will not be eligible for free agency until 2019, and the Marlins have been able to pay for arbitration and free agency years with the Stanton and Yelich deals. The terms of the Marlins' proposed deal are unknown, but if there is a "gap," as Jackson adds, Miami may see the talks as ongoing. While the Marlins may not be in a hurry to extend Hechavarria, doing so would ensure consistency moving forward.

Andrelton Simmons received a 7-year, $58 million extension last February, and something in that range could be realistic for Hechavarria. The Marlins may be waiting to further evaluate Hechavarria's offensive approach, and if he improves at the plate in 2015, Miami could propose another deal quickly.

Although the Marlins are high on Hechavarria, the fact that a deal is not imminent means the organization is taking a patient approach while not overvaluing the talent they have. Miami has time, and Hechavarria may still receive an extension at some point in the future.