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Miami Marlins Good, the Bad and the Utility: The Final Countdown

With just a week to go in Spring Training, check out the last minute Marlins preseason happenings here!

This man will be throwing out the first pitch of the 2015 Marlins Campaign
This man will be throwing out the first pitch of the 2015 Marlins Campaign
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

"IT"S THE FINAL COUNTDOWN" *Ba-na-na-nah na-na-na-nat-na* Good luck getting that awfulness out of your head. But yes indeed, it is the final countdown to the regular season.  As stated in last week's edition of "The Good, the Bad and the Utility," we started to see the regulars come out to play more this week.  The results were mixed, but April is soon upon us.

Week in Review

Game Summaries

On Monday, the Marlins dropped an ugly one to the Mets, losing 3-12.  Moving on from the lost cause, they bounced back with a convincing 9-4 win over the Boston Red Sox.  Second Baseman Jeff Baker knocked in a pair of runs, as did teammate Jordany Valdespin.  The Fish tallied, get this, eight runs in the bottom of the eighth inning in this one.  This was an impressive mark for the guys fighting for a roster spot.  The next victory came on Thursday against perennial playoff contender in the St. Louis Cardinals.  The 5-3 win came at the hands of the man of the hour, Giancarlo Stanton.  The Marlins unleashed the beast as he took Adam Wainwright deep in the first inning and would double later in the game.  Overall, the Fish would finish the week 2-3-1 (don't even get me started on the tie to the Astros).

Henderson Alvarez named Opening Day Starter

This shouldn't be too much of a surprise to anyone (unless you're a huge fan of David Phelps).  The 2014 All-Star will be the leader of the new look rotation until the highly anticipated return of Jose Fernandez.  For now, Alvarez will take the hill in the Marlins first matchup of the season on April 6th.  Alvarez is coming off a 2.65 ERA season  and he is preparing to turn just 25 years old on April 18th.

Jarred Cosart Injury Update

Starting pitcher Jarred Cosart has been dealing with a blister on his right hand over the last week.  He is not expected to miss the start of the season.  His MLB investigation on the other hand is another story, but we'll let that one play out before anything else is said about the issue.

What's Next?

Wednesday marks the last of the professional Spring Training games and that one will be against none other than the Washington Nationals.  Thursday is an off day and they team will be just about ready for the regular season rosters to emerge.  We are just one week, one week, away from the start of the regular season folks. At this time next week, at 4:10 P.M., there will be regular season games happening.  While it is still spitting snowflakes up where I am attending school, the clouds of baseball are being lifted and the Sun is about to return....buckle up, as we have 162 reasons to celebrate.

Question of the Week

As always, this is your chance as the reader on Fish Stripes to make general comments, answer the question or make fun of my hair.  Your choice.

What is your favorite part about Opening Day?

See you next week Fish Stripes!  A ton of news, analysis and predictions coming your way in the next edition of "The Good, the Bad and the Utility"