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Introducing FanDuel: Addressing your fantasy baseball needs in 2015

SB Nation and FanDuel have created an exclusive partnership, and we want to get all of our readers involved again in 2015.

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Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

You want Giancarlo Stanton on your fantasy baseball team? We have a unique opportunity which could allow you to put him, or any of your favorite Marlins, on a daily fantasy baseball squad.

SB Nation has created an exclusive partnership with FanDuel, known as one of the leaders in the fantasy sports industry. FanDuel pays out up to $6 million in prize money every week, and gives users the opportunity to make daily selections with significant prizes for league winners.

Even though this is a sponsored post with affiliate links, all of the opinions in this post are my own. And as an FYI, FanDuel gave me some money to try out their site.

Here's how to play

The FanDuel interface is quite simple to use, and easy to get adjusted to. Check out this video for the basics.

The rules are quite simple, but if you have any questions, they can likely be answered on the FanDuel official rules page, here. Marlins followers can get going here. If you have any questions, ask away in the comments section below. Let's get this going! Happy Fantasy Baseball, everyone!

***SB Nation is hosting a $6,000 one-day Fantasy Baseball league for MLB Opening Day on FanDuel. It's $5 to join and first place wins $1,000 and four tickets to a game.