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Hypothetical arm wrestling with Giancarlo Stanton

What would happen when your average Joe goes up against the best power hitter in the game?

Giancarlo Stanton has unquestionable strength
Giancarlo Stanton has unquestionable strength
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

By now many fans of the Miami Marlins have seen the cover of Sports Illustrated featuring right fielder Giancarlo Stanton.  The first thing I noticed on the front page was not the paint jersey, nor the serious look of a determined young star. No sir, it was the size of that man’s arms.  They were hard to miss as they took up 85 percent of the frame. This led me to question, hypothetically of course, how would I stack up against him in an arm wrestling competition?  Let’s dive in, statistically.

Tale of the Tape

Giancarlo Stanton: In this corner we have the fan-favorite, King Neptune, monster-bodied Giancarlo Stanton.  He comes in at 6’6 and roughly 240 pounds of straight muscle.  He’s hit home runs with broken bats and taken out the scoreboard at Marlins Park.  Last season, he hit 37 home runs and missed quite a bit of time.  Only 25 years old, this youthful hunk should be able to beat anyone in his path just by looking at them.

Jesse Smith: In this corner we have the challenger and slight underdog in Jesse Smith.  Slight.  He comes in at a modest 5’8 and whopping 150 pounds.  Former opponents have nicknamed him "Gummy Arms" and "The Easiest Win They’ve Ever Had".  His key losses in arm wrestling include: his sister, his English teacher, and Julie, the elder clerk that works at the Dollar Tree.  He has never been much of a home run hitter, but has a knack for the Grand Slam….at Denny’s.

What Vegas Has to Say

The line has been set at -2 in favor of Stanton.  This simply means if Smith can last more than two seconds he covers the spread.