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Miami Marlins reliever Andre Rienzo: 'I want to help my team win'

The 26-year old right hander wants to help Miami advance to the postseason.

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

JUPITER -- Andre Rienzo just wants to help the Marlins win. Miami acquired the right-handed reliever from the White Sox in exchange for lefty Dan Jennings in December, and while the Marlins have a right-handed intensive bullpen, Rienzo is hoping he will earn a spot on the roster at the end of Spring Training.

"I can't decide what's going on," Rienzo said. "I just decide what I can do on the field, so I go work hard everyday. I go do my best every day. If I can't be a part of the bullpen, I keep working hard until one day I can help the team."

Rienzo, 26, posted a 6.82 ERA and 5.73 FIP in 64.2 innings pitched with the White Sox last season. He has a career 5.89 ERA, and posted an ERA in the low fours throughout his time in Triple-A. Rienzo could be a setup option for the Marlins, however the club is expected to utilize A.J. Ramos, Bryan Morris, and Mike Dunn late in games.

Although Rienzo will have a chance to impress Miami's front office, the club is still looking to upgrade its bullpen. The Marlins have been linked to Francisco Rodriguez and Phil Coke, and could sign one or both in the coming weeks. Signing Rodriguez would likely make earning a roster spot even more challenging for Rienzo.

"As we approached the offseason, our bullpen was never an area of concern," President of Baseball Operations Michael Hill said at Saturday's Winter Warmup. "There are still some interesting relievers available on the market. As with anything, you monitor it, and if it makes sense you pursue it. We couldn't be happier with the bullpen and bullpen depth we have."

While Rienzo pitched at Comiskey Park last season, he feels if he has the opportunity to pitch at Marlins Park, he would be able to take advantage of its spaciousness.

"Marlins Park is really great, and it's good for the pitchers," Rienzo said. "In Chicago I faced a lot of power hitters and the stadium was small. Here the stadium is huge. That is better for me."

Since he has faced Miguel Cabrera, Victor Martinez, and Justin Mauer in the American League Central, Rienzo does not feel adjusting to the National League East will be a challenge. While Rienzo jokingly said he would walk Giancarlo Stanton if he was on the mound, he is looking forward to pitching against the East's power hitters.

"I want to pitch," Rienzo said. "I like to face those guys. Every team has that power guy. You need to be careful with that guy. I like to face those guys even if [they] hit me. That makes me work more, and the next time I will win."

Rienzo is not concerned about potentially receiving an at-bat, noting he just focuses on pitching and does "not worry about hitting." Despite the fact that the Nationals, Braves, and Mets are all expected to compete in 2015 with the Phillies rebuilding, Rienzo is confident his American League experiences will help him moving forward.

"Everybody says Chicago's division is a little bit hard," Rienzo said. "I don't believe that. I think all divisions have their hard points. I hate to lose. I'm human, so I'm going to lose, but I hate to lose. I hate to see the team lose. I want to help my team win all the time."

Even if Rienzo does not make the team and is sent to Triple-A, he would not get discouraged. Instead, he would hope to become consistent and receive a promotion to help the Marlins win.

"If I go to Triple-A, I will try to make the team as soon as possible," Rienzo said. "I just want to help the team. I'm from Brazil, and [there] you play for your teammates. You never play for money. Now I have the chance to make my work my passion. I always like to help the team and help the team win."