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2015 Miami Marlins Season Preview: Spring Training schedule

The Miami Marlins will spend the next month trying out their roster's players and battling other teams in the Florida League half of Spring Training. Here is their schedule.

Who will the Marlins face this Spring Training season? Check out the schedule!
Who will the Marlins face this Spring Training season? Check out the schedule!
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The 2015 Miami Marlins are excited to start their trek back to the playoffs this year, but they first have to deal with a number of teams also trying to train and get back into shape. Spring Training is a time to warm up and get ready for the real games in the comfort of Jupiter, Florida and other warm locales. For the Fish, it is a chance to try out their new roster and see how the players fit.

Who are the Marlins facing this season during Spring Training? Here is the team's schedule as per

Date Game Comments
03/01 vs. FIU First of the annual college games
03/02 vs. UM
03/04 vs. Cardinals First of many games against Roger Dean co-inhabitant
03/06 @ Red Sox
03/07 vs. Mets
03/08 @ Cardinals
03/09 @ Mets
03/10 vs. Nationals First preview of NL East favorite
03/11 vs. Mets
03/12 @ Twins First live televised Marlins game on
03/13 vs. Cardinals
03/14 @ Nationals
03/15 vs. Tigers First of only a few Miguel Cabrera live Marlins sightings
03/17 vs. Cardinals Only split-roster game set
03/17 @ Mets Only split-roster game set
03/18 vs. Nationals
03/19 @ Braves THEY'RE OUR RIVALS!
03/20 vs. Braves
03/21 @ Nationals
03/22 vs. Twins
03/23 vs. Mets
03/24 vs. Red Sox
03/25 @ Tigers
03/26 @ Cardinals
03/27 @ Astros
03/28 vs. Astros
03/29 @ Nationals
03/30 @ Mets Televised live on
03/31 @ Cardinals
04/01 vs. Nationals
04/03 @ Grasshoppers Game in Greensboro against Low-A affiliate
04/04 @ Suns Game in Baseball Grounds at Jacksonville, Double-A affiliate

This appears to be an interesting slate of games for the Marlins, including two televised games live! Fish Stripes will try and cover those games as best as possible. We will also be on the scene for parts of Spring Training, so look for our live updates from the field!

Are you going to be around Jupiter? Which Spring Training game would you like to see? Let us know in the comments!