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2015 Miami Marlins Season Preview: Introduction and schedule

The Miami Marlins will start the 2015 season with high hopes, and it all begins today with pitchers and catchers reporting. Fish Stripes will be here every step of the way to preview this upcoming season!

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The Miami Marlins are planning on having an exciting and competitive 2015 season, and we here at Fish Stripes are prepared to cover this season to its fullest. This past week, you already met some of our new cast of writers for this all new year, and we promise to have more exciting and interesting work for our readers this upcoming year. It all starts today when pitchers and catchers report to camp to signal the start of trek towards the World Series!

Fish Stripes is excited to bring this all to you, and we are happy to debut our fourth edition of the Miami Marlins Season Preview, 2015 edition. Since I took over as managing editor of this site in late 2011, we have gone through our ups and downs together, but we have never wavered at the start of the year. Each and every year, the crew of Fish Stripes is at the ready and reporting for duty when those pitchers and catchers show up to the Marlins training facility and prepare for games at Roger Dean Stadium in Jupiter. This year, with its intrigue, is no different.

You may have caught wind of Fish Stripes this offseason and may be wondering what to expect as we preview yet another campaign. This article is designed to bring you our 2015 Marlins Season Preview schedule! Here is what you will in this month-long series:

- Today will be our season preview orientation. We will provide you information on all things Marlins to get you ready for Spring Training. That includes the current 40-man roster, non-roster invitees, the schedule for Spring Training, and any opportunities for you to catch your Marlins in the coming month.

- On Monday, we will begin by debuting our Important Numbers articles for hitters and pitchers, starting with the hitters. Each player on the 40-man roster will have a number that signifies something of interest for them in the 2015 season

- On Tuesday, we will begin with our position previews, beginning with our hitters. Each day, we will go over the top player on the depth chart, and at the end we will discuss the bench. For our pitchers, we will go over each starter and go over the bullpen in two parts.

- As an added touch, certain pitchers will receive a Pitch F/X scouting report in addition to their preview. We will scout each starting pitcher and select relievers.

- Each week on Friday, we will go over our position battle update. Wherever there is a battle for a final roster spot, Fish Stripes will be covering it, power rankings-style.

- On Mondays, we will discuss one prospect profile on a player at camp who is trying to make a name for themselves and make the roster. I'll elicit the assistance of our new prospect mavens Jarrett Cowgill and Jason Tate to discuss these players' futures and chances.

- Every day, we will still feature our regular Fish Bites and news coverage, bringing you all the information and links you need for the day.

- Similarly, our regularly scheduled weekly pieces from our new writers will continue!

- Finally, we will discuss a little bit about Fish Stripes as well. For those of you new readers, we will talk about our goals for the coming season, introduce you to our plans and schedule for the year, and discuss how you can get involved on the site!

Does that sound appealing to you Fish Stripers? Are you ready for the 2015 season?