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Miami Marlins morning news: Boras silences Jose Fernandez rumors

The super-agent does not believe that Miami's ace will be traded before the 2016 season begins. Plus links on Aroldis Chapman and Adeiny Hechavarria.

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Marlins News

Scott Boras has addressed the Jose Fernandez rumors by saying that the Marlins know they have a special talent in the Cuban phenom and that players of Fernandez's caliber are rarely traded.

It was made known earlier in the winter that the Marlins wanted to improve their bullpen and they tried to land the biggest fish available, Aroldis Chapman, before he was traded to the Yankees.

After a turbulent 2015 season, many managerial faces have changed for the Marlins, but the roster has largely stayed the same as the team believes in the abilities of its core group of young players.

The Marlins need to find 20 wins from somewhere if they want to make the playoffs next year, and one area for improvement could be at the shortstop position.

Even though Scott Boras doesn't think that Jose Fernandez will be traded, it doesn't stop people from formulating possible trade scenarios for the young ace.

Around the League

Another potential Marlins pitching target is now off the board. Scott Kazmir has signed a three-year contract with the Dodgers, which includes an opt-out clause after the first year.

Who will lead the rookie of the year races at the end of the new season?

Henderson Alvarez will now call Oakland home as he has signed a one-year deal with the A's.

The Mets' rotation could develop into the best home-grown starting five of all time.

At Fish Stripes

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After failing to acquire Aroldis Chapman, how can the Marlins improve their bullpen?

Miami Marlins trade rumors: Scott Boras does not expect Fernandez to be traded - Fish Stripes

Fernandez's agent believes that staying in Miami is the most likely scenario right now.

Miami Marlins have mediocre track record for player development - Fish Stripes

Research has shown that the Fish have some ground to make up regarding player development compared to the rest of the league.

Aroldis Chapman trade: Miami Marlins tried to trade for Chapman - Fish Stripes

Miami was unprepared/unable to better the offer the Reds received from the Yankees.