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Miami Marlins morning news: Fish continue to evaluate roster

The Marlins are still deciding which pieces, already on the team, will help them the most in the near future, and who could possibly be trade bait. Plus links on Ichiro Suzuki, Marcell Ozuna and Jose Fernandez.

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Marlins News

With so many new faces moving into the front office this winter, the Marlins appear to be needing more time to finish evaluating the current on-field product. The team does need to decide which direction they want to go in quickly, though, as most of the best free agents have already signed.

The continuing trade talks regarding Marcell Ozuna could mean that Ichiro Suzuki has ample opportunity to reach 3000 career hits in 2016 if the young Dominican is, indeed, shipped out.

However, there are many reasons why Miami should hold onto its starting center fielder of the last two seasons.

Christian Yelich for Gio Gonzalez? The Marlins said no deal.

Through a trade with the Reds and the White Sox, the Dodgers have collected even more talented prospects that they could use to trade for Jose Fernandez.

Around the League

The Orioles have reportedly reached a deal with Korean baseball standout Hyun-soo Kim.

The full details of that three-team trade involving the Dodgers, which most notably sent Todd Frazier to Chicago, are here.

The age-less wonder, Bartolo Colon, has resigned with the Mets on a one-year contract worth $7.25 million. He will be 43 next season.

Yadier Molina has undergone more surgery on the thumb he injured in the playoffs. He could be in a cast for over a month.

At Fish Stripes

The potential Miami Marlins Dee Gordon extension - Fish Stripes

The two parties continue to discuss a long-term deal.

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The Fish lost more players than they gained on the final day of the Winter Meetings.

Miami Marlins trade rumors: Jose Fernandez not commenting on future with organization - Fish Stripes

This move by the club's ace could indicate tension with the team.

Miami Marlins morning news: Marlins in talks to extend Dee Gordon - Fish Stripes

Plus other links on all things baseball, including some of the free agent buzz.